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A Special Note About Our Primary Faculty:  As it is true of our admistrative team, our faculty brings to the student the teaching and academic oversight of highly accomplished practitioners and scholars.  They have served as administrators, faculty, ministers, practitioners, authors, writers, and in other areas of service and leadership either in private ministry or with other institutions.  They understand the challenges and issues faced every day by men and women serving in a wide range of ministries.

Gary Crossland, Professor of New Testament Greek


B.A., Concordia College; Th.M. Assemblies of God Theological Seminary; Th.D., Master's International School of Divinity. 


Focus areas:  bible, biblical archaeology, N.T. Greek, O.T. Hebrew, theology.

Cheryl Durham, Professor


B.Min, Master's International School of Divinity; M.Min., Master's International School of Divinity; D.B.S., Master's International; Ph.D., Master's Theological Research Institute.


Focus areas:  bible, biblical counseling, Hebrew world views and culture, theology.

Lynn D. Frazier, Professor


B.S., Eastern Kentucky University; M.Ed., University of Virginia; Au.D., Pennsylvania School of Optometry & Audiology; D.P.Th., Master's International School of Divinity.


Focus areas:  biblical counseling.

Ronald E. Frazier, Professor; Director of the Doctor of Divinity Program


A.A., Johnson Bible College; B.A., Louisville Bible College; M.S.L., Louisville Bible College; M.A., Summit Theological Seminary; M.Min., D.B.S., Master's International School of Divinity; Th.D., St. Paul Christian University. 


Focus Areas: administration, bible, pastoral ministry,preaching, theology.

Dennis D. Frey, Professor


A.B.S., Nazarene Bible College; M.Min., M.Div., Trinity Theological Seminary; M.B.A., California Coast University; D.Min., Th.D., Trinity Theological Seminary; D.B.A., California Coast University.


Focus areas: administration, bible, biblical counseling, history of ancient and modern Israel, theology.

Kurt Grady, Professor


B.S. and Pharm.D. from St. Louis College of Pharmacy; D.B.S. Master's Graduate School of Divinity. 


Focus areas:  bible, biblical counseling, chemical dependency, theology.

Harley Ihm, Professor; Dean of Master's Theological Institute


B.B.L, Ozark Christian College; M.A. Johnson University; D.B.S., Th.D., Master's International School of Divinity.


Focus areas:  bible, pastoral ministry, preaching, theology.

Misty Jesse, Professor; Dean of the Department of Judeo-Christian Studies


B.A., Political Science, University of California, L.A.; M.A., Library Science,  University of Missouri;  M.A.; D.B.S. in Theology; D.Min., Biblical Leadership, Master's Intl. School of Divinity;  Ph.D., Religion and Society, Oxford Graduate School.


Focus areas:  bible, biblical geography, biblical leadership, Hebrew world views, history, religion.

Raymond L. Parker, Professor, Dean of the Master's Theological Research Institute


B.A., Bryan College; M.R.E., Temple Baptist Theological Seminary; D.Min., Trinity Theological Seminary; Ed.D., Luther Rice Seminary; Ph.D., Union University.


Focus areas:  administration, bible, pastoral ministry, preaching, theology.

David M. Tyler, Professor; Dean of the Department of Biblical Counseling.  Weekly podcast


Mckendree College; Midwest Baptist College; Th.B., Trinity College of the Bible (Newburgh, IN); M.Min., Ph.D., Trinity Theological Seminary.


Focus areas:  bible, biblical counseling, pastoral ministry, preaching.

Audrey Werner, Professor; Dean of Life-Issues Programs.


R.N., Mercy School of Nursing, Detroit, MI; B.S.N., Sigma Theta Tau, University of Michigan; M.A., Master's International School of Divinity; Professional education in STDs, and HIV counseling from the Centers for Disease Control, and the State of Michigan Health Department.


Focus Areas:  biblical purity, history of public education in the United States, life-issues, medical issues related to abortion and human sexuality.

Diana Zengler, Professor


B.A., Sociology & Social Work, University of Evansville; M.S., Counseling, Univ. of Evansville; D.B.S., Master's Intl. School of Divinity. 


Focus areas:  biblical counseling, life issues.

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