Governing Board




Dr. Dennis D. Frey, President, Newburgh, Indiana
President, Master's International University of Divinity


Dr. David M. Tyler, Vice, President Granite City, Illinois
Gateway Biblical Counseling and Training Center


Dr. Gary K. Fair, Secretary, Evansville, Indiana
Vice President, Master's International University of Divinity


Mr. John Veasman, Treasurer, Newburgh, Indiana
President, Veasman & Associates


Other Directors:


Dr. Howard A. Eyrich, Birmingham, Alabama

Internationally Respected Author, Biblical Counselor, Professor


Dr. Kurt Grady, Fairview Heights, Illinois


Mr. Mark Sanders, President, Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
Owensboro, Kentucky


Dr. James B. Solberg, Melbourne, Florida U.S.A.
National Director, Bridges for Peace International


Mr. David Zengler, J.D., Boonville, Indiana
Attorney at Law

Board of Advisors


Dr. Thomas S, Baurain, Belton, Missouri.  Professor of Bible and Theology, Calvary Theological Seminary.  Formerly, Director of Evening and Extension programs at Moody Bible Institute.


Mr. William J. Federer, Ft. Meyers, FL.  Nationally known speaker, best-selling author, and president of Amerisearch, Inc., a publishing company dedicated to researching America's noble heritage.


Dr. James J.S. Johnson, Dallas, Texas.  Chief Academic Officer, ICR School of Biblical Apologetics. Legal counsel for the Institute for Creation Research. 


Dr. Paul Madtes, Jr., Mount Vernon, Ohio.  Scientist, Researcher, Biologist, Author, Educator, Chairman of the Department of Natural Science, Mt. Vernon Nazarene University.


Dr. Joe Manjone, Orange Beach, Alabama.  Assistant Provost of Special Programs, Columbia Southern University.


Dr. Tom Neal, Santa Ana, California. President, California Coast University.


Dr. Charles R. Page II, Humboldt, Tennessee.  World-renown archaeologist and author, former Director of the Jerusalem Institute for Biblical Exploration.


Dr. Jeffrey W. Selby, Newburgh, Indiana.  Physician, Founder of The Lung Centre, President and Founder of Restoring Our Heritage.

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