A Special Note About Our Administrative Team:  One of the most powerful benefits of studying at Master's is that we are able to bring to the student the teaching and academic oversight of highly accomplished practitioners and scholars in various fields of study.


The members of our administrative team have served as leaders, teachers, ministers, missionaries, practitioners, authors, writers, and in other areas of service and leadership either in private ministry or with other institutions. They understand the challenges and issues faced every day by men and women serving in a wide range of ministry position. 

Dennis D. Frey


A.B.S., Nazarene Bible College; M.Min., M.Div., D.Min., Th.D., Trinity Theological Seminary; M.B.A., D.B.A., California Coast University.

Gary K. Fair

Vice President

University of Evansville, Accounting; Vincennes University, Secondary Education; Johnson Bible College, B.S. Preaching; M.Min., D.P.Th., Master's International School of Divinity.

Ronald L. Throgmorton

Chief Financial Officer

B.S., Metallurgical Engineering, University of Missouri at Rolla B.S., Accounting, Indiana University.

Raymond L. Parker

Vice President for Academic Affairs

B.A., Bryan College; M.R.E., Temple Baptist Theological Seminary; D.Min., Trinity Theological Seminary; Ed.D., Luther Rice Seminary; Ph.D., Union University.

Sharon L. Frey

Director of Student Services

Studied at Mount St. Clair College, the University of Illinois and Florrisant College; Certificate in Early Childhood Development, Parkland College; B.R.E., Trinity College of the Bible.

David M. Tyler, Dean of the Department of Biblical Counseling. Weekly podcast


Mckendree College; Midwest Baptist College; Th.B., Trinity College of the Bible (Newburgh, IN); M.Min., Ph.D., Trinity Theological Seminary.

Cheryl A. Durham

Dean of Students, Doctoral Dissertation Advisor

B.Min, Master's International School of Divinity; M.Min., Master's International School of Divinity; D.B.S., Master's International; Ph.D., Master's Theological Research Institute. 


Diana Zengler

Director, Master's Biblical Counseling Center, Executive Coordinator for AABC Certification

B.A., Sociology & Social Work, University of Evansville; M.S., Counseling, Univ. of Evansville; D.B.S., Master's Intl. School of Divinity. 

Ronald L. Frazier
Director of the Doctor of Divinity Program, Senior Admissions Advisor


A.A., Johnson Bible College; B.A., Louisville Bible College; M.S.L., Louisville Bible College; M.A., Summit Theological Seminary; M.Min., D.B.S., Master's International School of Divinity; Th.D., St. Paul Christian University. 

Harley Ihm

Dean, Master's Theological Institute

B.B.L, Ozark Christian College; M.A. Johnson University; D.B.S., Th.D., Master's International School of Divinity.

Misty Jesse

Dean, Department of Judeo-Christian Studies

B.A., Political Science, University of California, L.A.; M.A., Library Science,  University of Missouri;  M.A.; D.B.S. in Theology; D.Min., Biblical Leadership, Master's Intl. School of Divinity;  Ph.D., Religion and Society, Oxford Graduate School.

Lori A. Frey

Accounting Assistant
Lindenwood University, B.S., Business Administration; Missouri Baptist University, State of Missouri Certiifcate in Elementary Education.

Carol W. Stubbs

Director for Special Certificate Programs

University of Houston; B.B.S., M.A.C.S., D.B.S., D.Min., Master's International School of Divinity. 

Yaya Obozua

Institutional Liaison for the United Kingdom, Special Programs Representiative

Diploma in Training Management from Thames Valley University, London;  M.Sc. in Management Training, University of Leicester;  M.Sc. in Ministerial and Theological Research, King's College London;  D.P.Th., Master's International School of Divinity. 

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