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Please refer to the comments box at the bottom of this page to post your prayer requests, and to read the requests of others.

MASTER'S World Circle of Prayer seeks to maintain continuous prayer support on behalf of the ministry of the Divinity School.  With students and graduates in 70 world areas, the purpose is to encourage 24/7 volunteer prayer support among the staff, students, graduates and friends of MISD.


If you are a student, graduate or friend of Master's, we sincerely ask for your prayerful support.  The fact that you will be joining with hundreds of others around the world, will make it possible for even a very brief prayer to be connected to a daily flow of petitions being sent heavenward that will combine to create a river of prayer.


There are four general prayer issues that we ask you to bring before the Throne of Grace.  These are: 

  • That God will direct to Master's those new students whom it pleases Him to send our way. 
  • That God will encourage and protect students currently in the program. 
  • That God will encourage and protect our graduates. 
  • That God will encourage and protect our staff and faculty. 
  • You will also receive the monthly e-prayer bulletin.

Will you join us?  If so, please complete the form below.
Thank you, and God bless you,
Misty Jesse, Ph.D., Coordinator



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  • Dr. Frey (Friday, October 28 16 12:50 pm EDT)

    David, you have expressed one of the most common fears. Like most fears, one way to overcome it is to face it. It's not like facing a lion ;-) so remember that the faces looking back at you are friends not foes!

    Blessing brother!

  • David Powell (Monday, October 10 16 04:54 pm EDT)

    My church is wanting me to get out in front of people more as a speaker. My first commitment is Sunday morning doing the greeting, announcements, prayer and offering. Unfortunately, while a small
    thing I've had a fear of getting up in front of groups. Please pray that I overcome this stronghold and have a servants heart for whatever the Lord calls me to do. Thank you.

  • Dr. Frey (Thursday, October 06 16 07:33 am EDT)

    URGENT PRAYERS NEEDED for MIUD staff and students in harm's way from Hurricane Matthew. Our Melbourne, FL MIUD staff and Bridges for Peace family there are preparing for what may be a record setting
    storm. Also our MIUD students in the Bahamas are right now in the eye of the storm.

  • Dr. Frey (Monday, August 08 16 01:13 pm EDT)

    Yes, we certainly with you in that prayer!

  • Min. Roddre Y. Massey (Saturday, August 06 16 07:23 am EDT)

    Prayers for the body of Christ here in Saudi Arabia that it will show forth His love towards those who are lost at this time.

  • Dr. Frey (Monday, July 04 16 10:44 am EDT)

    Prayers requested for Dr. Diana Zenger as she completes a series of in-hospital tests this week.

  • Dr. Dennis D. Frey (Wednesday, June 15 16 02:49 pm EDT)

    UP-DATE on Dr. Butch Simmons - just received word that he is scheduled for esophageal reconstructive surgery much sooner than expected. Please mark Thursday, June 23, 2016 on your prayer list!

  • Dr. Frey (Friday, May 20 16 10:14 am EDT)

    Asking prayers for alumnus Butch Simmons who has been living with a feeding tube for nearly one year.

    He is now facing a hopeful reconstruction of his esophagus sometime in late June or early July at Mayo Rochester, MN.

    Please pray that surgery can actually be performed, and that it will be 100% successful.

  • Dr. Frey (Saturday, April 23 16 11:12 am EDT)

    Asking for prayers for Dr. R.V. Barnett, a student at MIUD - he suffered a stroke this week. Seems to be doing fair, but certainly needs our support as he is trying to complete his final few courses.

  • Dennis Frey (Monday, April 18 16 04:18 pm EDT)

    Brother Richard,

    We are praying for your wife. She has faced so many difficult health issues these past few years that she really needs healing.

    May God touch her right now, and give you strength as well.

  • Richard McDonald (Saturday, April 09 16 04:24 am EDT)

    Pray for my wife. She is in hospital with heart complications. She has struggled with her health for the past two years.

  • Dr. Frey (Wednesday, January 27 16 02:55 pm EST)

    ANOTHER POSITIVE UPDATE ON DR. GARY FAIR! - Just returned from visiting Gary. Doing amazingly well - no complications from the quadruple bypass, and expects to go home this weekend. God is so good!

  • Dr. Frey (Tuesday, January 26 16 01:50 pm EST)

    POSITIVE UPDATE ON DR. GARY FAIR! Moments ago, Gary came through quadruple bypass surgery with all signs positive! It is expected that he will will actually be sitting up by this time tomorrow!
    Please join us in thanking the Lord for this wonderful answer to prayer. Don't forget to also thank God for the amazing surgical team through whose hands this blessing has come. Now, for Gary on to
    full recovery and return to work!

  • Dr. Frey (Monday, January 25 16 05:26 am EST)

    UP-DATE ON DR. GARY FAIR - Gary is scheduled for triple bypass surgery on Tuesday, January 26. His physician told him that his heart is strong, and that his prognosis following surgery is very good.
    Please continue to keep him in your prayers, and we will keep you informed.

  • Dr. Frey (Saturday, January 23 16 09:19 am EST)

    UPDATE ON DR. FAIR - Gary had a heart cath late last night. Results are that he did suffer a "small" heart attack (not sure if any heart attack is small), and does have some blockage. A decision will
    be made in the next day or two whether to have bypass surgery, stents, or to treat with medication. He remains in the hospital, but in good spirits. Please continue your prayerful support for which
    Gary and his family are so very thankful.

  • Dr. Frey (Thursday, January 21 16 03:03 pm EST)

    I am asking for strong & immediate prayerful support for Dr. Gary Fair. He was admitted to the hospital today following a series of chest pains. Dr. Fair is the Vice President at Master's.

  • Dr. Frey (Monday, January 18 16 06:37 am EST)

    I am asking for strong & immediate prayerful support for Eric Malloy, a Christian brother, and colleague. Eric is suffering from a serious cardiac condition that required critical care
    hospitalization January 16, 2016. He is the Bridges for Peace National Director in Canada, and a student in the graduate program of Master's.

  • Dr. Jesse (Friday, January 08 16 06:35 pm EST)

    Prayer for my 87 year old father who will have spinal surgery this coming Tuesday.

  • Dr. Frey (Saturday, January 02 16 11:12 am EST)

    Requesting prayer for our graduate Dr. Joel Polo who has been diagnosed with "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome" in his right hand and been out of work for two weeks.

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