Online Live Seminar Course Option

FINISH A COURSE IN AS LITTLE AS 6-8 WEEKS!  Online Live Seminar Courses are a learning alternative provided for the benefit of those individuals who find personal instruction helpful.  Most students who elect to attend Online Live Seminar Courses do so after enrolling in the standard distance education program, then deciding later to elect to use a Seminar Course to substitute for one or more of the standard directed study courses in their program, or an an elective.

SYSTEM & TIME REQUIREMENTS:  For our online seminars, we have elected to use, the training division of, America's best known online meeting provider.  This makes it possible for students to easily access an online seminar from just about anywhere in the world.  Only basic computer technology is required.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing difficult.  All you will need is:

  • Internet connection with a computer, iPad or other smart device.

  • Speakers & microphone for your computer or other device.

  • We provide you ith all of the registration and login information.

  • If you search online and use email, you have all the needed skills

  • Online seminar courses involve live time online during a scheduled day with a professor and other students.  Pre-seminar assignments prepare the student.  This makes it possible to complete a 3 credit course in 6 - 8 weeks.

COST OF ONLINE SEMINARS: Regular program tuition covers the cost of standard directed study courses.  The cost of seminars is not charged at the time of initial enrollment.  Seminar courses offer a unique alternative, and require a modest additional fee.  This charge is payable only if and when the student elects to take advantage of the seminar option.


Unless otherwise noted, the cost of most online live seminars is:

  • $145 per one-day seminar for full course credit.
  • $175 per two-day seminar for full course credit.
  • $75 per one-day seminar for C.E.U. credit.
  • $100 per two-day seminar for C.E.U. credit.
  • $55 per one-day seminar for audit credit.
  • $75 per two-day seminar for audit credit.


Seminar Fee & Refund Policy:  Seminar fees are due prior to the final registration step.  Seminar fees are nonrefundable, but they can be transfered.  Missed seminars can be rescheduled at no additional cost, or the seminar fee may be applied to any other outstanding balance including tuition or other fees.

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