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As a graduate of the School of Divinity, you may be wondering if you should request a degree replacement using the new University of Divinity title and logo.  Please read carefully the following information, and then decide if you would like to order a degree replacement.

  • Q. How will you know if your document qualifies for replacement?
    A. Look at the top of your document.  If it bears the title "Master's International School of Divinity" or "Master's Theological Research Institute" it will qualify for replacement.
  • Q. Is a degree replacement necessary?
    A. No.  Your current degree and transcript accurately reflect your well earned academic accomplishment.
  • Q. Then why request a replacement?
    A.  Here are a just a few reasons: to have your degree and transcripts reflect the new name of your Alma mater; to have the new logo on your degree; to appreciate the growth and progress of your Alma mater; and to appreciate the University title.
  • Q. Do you have to decide right away?
    A. No.  You may order a replacement degree at any time.
  • Q. How will the new degree be titled?
    A. The title will be "Master's International University of Divinity" followed by the division (school) from which you graduated.  For example, School of the Bible, College of the Bible, Graduate School or Research Institute.  Under the titles will be your degree title and concentration or major.
  • Q. Will the new degree be similar in design to my current degree?
    A. Yes, it will be the same size, color, and high quality printing.
  • Q. Do you have a sample of the new degree?
    A.  Here is a sample, but the actual degree is much nicer.
Degree Replacement for Graduates of  Master's International University of Divinity Degree Replacement for Graduates of Master's International University of Divinity
  • Q. How much will it cost, and how long will it take?
    A. The cost is $125, and includes the replacement degree, a new set of official transcripts, and shipping and handling.  It will not include a new padded folder.  Because each replacement degree must be given careful attention, and high quality printing; please allow 6 - 8 weeks from the time of your order and payment.

    Q. If you graduated from more than one program, can you have all of your documents replaced?
  • A. Yes.  The cost for each document is $125.  So, if you replace two degrees, the total cost would be $250.
  • Q. If you graduated from more than one program, should you replace all of your documents?
    A.  You can do that, but we recommend that you consider replacing only the most recent one of our degree documents.
  • Q. What about your current degree certificate?
    A. When your new degree certificate arrives, you should keep your old certificate as a memento. 
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FINALLY,  whether you order your replacement right away, or at some later date, we want you to know that part of the proceeds from your replacement will go to helping support the mission and purpose of your Alma mater.  And, if along the way you should feel led of the Lord to include Master's in your personal or church missions giving, you can have the confidence of know that your tax-deductible support will be a blessing to the world most unique University of Divinity!




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