An Educational Benefit for Graduates of Master’s International University of Divinity

Accelerated Online Courses May be the Key to Accelerate Your Continuing Education!

An Ideal Option for Continuing Education After Graduation!


Graduates  may take up to five AOC
four-week courses, or two eight-week courses by paying only the standard course fee, and receive full academic credit without additional tuition charges.


Graduates completing AOC courses through the ACE program who in the future desire to re-enroll for another degree, may transfer in relevant approved AOC courses thereby saving the cost of tuition for those courses.


  • Only MIUD graduates may qualify.
  • Graduates may not be currently enrolled in an existing degree program.
  • Graduates may take as many AOC courses as they prefer.  However, not more than five four-week or two eight-week courses may be transferred into a new degree program.
  • The ACE program may be discontinued at the discretion of the University, but all courses completed will be vested.
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