Optional Standard Accelerated Online Courses
Are Designed to be Completed in 4 Weeks!



  • Courses begin on the first Monday of every month
  • During the four weeks, you will attend at your convenience interactive audio or video lectures.
  • Each week, for four weeks, you will be assigned readings in required texts, and will keep an analytical reading log.
  • On the last Saturday or Sunday of the fourth week you will complete an open resource learning activity final exam.
  • That's it! You have completed the course. Nothing more to do - nothing more to submit - you will have finished!

If approved, many of these courses may also serve as a substitute for a similar standard directed study course, and/or as an elective course.

COST OF 4 WEEK ACCELERATED ONLINE COURSES:  Regular program tuition covers the cost of Standard Directed Study courses. Accelerated Online Courses are optional, and the required fee is only charged if the student elects the option.


Unless otherwise noted, the cost of 4 Week Accelerated Online Courses is:

  • $200 for each FOUR-WEEK course for full course credit.

EXTENSION FEE - Accelerated Online Courses are designed to be completed in four weeks.  Extending completion time beyond four weeks usually works against the student's good efforts.  However, if due to unforeseen circumstances an extension is needed, the student may request one of two extensions.  If granted, the cost is:

  • $25 for a two-week course extension.
  • $35 for a three-week course extension.

No extension may be granted after the third week.  If after the third week the student has not completed the course, the student is dropped from the course, but is offered the following three options:

  • Complete the course using the Standard Directed Study method.
  • Complete the course using the optional Online Seminar Course method at no additional cost.
  • Wait a minimum of three months, and return to the Accelerated Online Course.  This option requires a $100 reinstatement fee.

REFUND POLICY:  Course fees are due prior to the final registration step.  Course fees are nonrefundable, but they can be transfered.  Missed courses can be rescheduled at no additional cost, or the course fee may be applied to other outstanding balances including tuition or other fees.

These Courses Qualify for the ACE Program for MIUD Graduates.


When approved, these courses can also qualify as electives.

+ Indicates other courses that with approval may be replaced with this course.

Biblical Apologetics BAP-1500-AOC + Apologetics AP-401, Application of Apologetics AAP-701

Course Purpose:  To introduce and expose the student to foundational issues in the study of Apologetics; to enable the student to identify key terms and describe essential issues of Apologetics and to apply Apologetic methodology to contemporary challenges; to offer the student the opportunity to explore significant challenges to the Christian faith and apologetic responses to those challenges; to examine and analyze the competing truth claims of rival world views.

Biblical Counselor, the Counseling Center, and the Law: BCCL-1500-AOC

Course Purpose: This course is designed to inform the student of the best practices to avoid legal issues in the Biblical Counseling practice. The secondary purpose is the prepare the student with the basic information needed to establish a counseling ministry.

Biblical Directionism Counseling BDC-1500-AOC + Biblical Basis for Counseling BD-401, Advanced Biblical Directionism Counseling I BD-5, Advanced Biblical Directionism Counseling II BD-702

Course Purpose:  The purpose of this course is to increase the student’s appreciation for the Bible as an adequate handbook for the human mind, and to supply the student with an executable system for using the Bible as a counseling model.

Biblical Preaching & Personal Holiness BPPH-1500-AOC
Course Purpose:  This course focuses on how preaching is effective in leading Christians toward maturity. Messages on Christian growth and sanctification will be modeled, and there will be instructional elements dealing especially with the dynamics of preaching in the local church.

Biblical Research & Writing BRW-1500-AOC + Introduction to Biblical Research and Writing RW-201, Biblical Research and Writing RW-401, Graduate Research and Writing GRW-500

Course Purpose:  The purpose of this course (utilizing the Books of Genesis and Revelation), is to present the student with an opportunity to develop, polish and demonstrate the ability to do research and writing at the college level in a Biblical context.

Biblical Role and Function of the Pastor BFP-1500-AOC

Course Purpose:  To introduce the biblical role and function of the pastor in the local church so that he/she can stand on a biblically based foundation in the performance of that role and function. This course is designed to focus the student on the pastoral role in light of scriptural teaching so as to overcome the many erroneous and damaging philosophies of pastoring. This course also discusses pastoral development, families, and potential traps and pitfalls.

Church Administration CAD-1510-AOC + Principles of Administration POA-401

Course Purpose:  The purpose of this course is to introduce and expose students to foundational principles of local church administration, so that they acquire a basis for making good administrative decisions.

Church History During the Formative Years CHFY-1500-AOC

Course Purpose:  The events that occurred between the destruction of the Second Temple and official recognition of Christianity by Rome are perhaps the most crucial events that have ever occurred for both modern Judaism and Christianity.  If one wishes to build bridges between these two religions, one must have a grasp of whatever material can be gleaned from the historical record.  Far too often the common assumptions on both sides are simply not historically accurate.  A much more careful examination must be attempted.

Communiction for Growth:  Analysis and Application CGAA-1500-AOC

Course Purpose: The purpose of this course is to present to the student a biblically based, academically sound model of communicative theory with analysis and application of such to bring the student to a higher level of understanding concerning the foundational elements of effective New Testament preaching and teaching.

Comparative Beliefs and World Religions  CBWR-1500-AOC

Course Purpose:  In a global world, religious communities do not live in isolation from other religious communities. As practicing Disciples of Christ we are engaged in forging relationships with a diversity of religious life that permeates our cultural, social, and political environment. This course is designed to facilitate this process by introducing students to the worlds’ major religions as they are practiced globally. Study of these major religions will include the origins and teachings, devotional practices, institutions and cultural expressions. Some of the major religions to be covered will include: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Content and Chronology of the New Testament CCNT-1500-AOC + New Testament Survey NT-201, New Testament NT-401New Testament Synthesis NT-501, Advanced New Testament I ANT-701
Course Purpose:  To introduce the student to the study of the New Testament as a whole;  to enable the student to recognize and interpret individual characters, the purpose and theme of each New Testament book and the relation of the Old Testament to the New Testament; to apply that knowledge in the student’s ministry and to lead the student to examine carefully the various interpretive options in New Testament studies.

Content and Chronology of the Old Testament CCOT-1500-AOC + Old Testament Survey OT-201, Old Testament OT-401, Old Testament Synthesis OT-501, Advanced Old Testament I AOT-701

Course Purpose:  The purpose of this course is to provide the student with an opportunity to review the Old Testament as a series of pictures which represent a continuous scene from the initial creation of the current heavens and earth to the return of the exiles to the Land of Israel.

Counseling from the Book of James CFBJ-1500-AOC + Counseling and the Finished Work of Christ CF-501 
Course Purpose:  The intent of this course is to equip the student by seeing the world through the eyes of the Apostle James and learning how to apply the wisdom gained both personally and professionally.
Counseling and the Finished Work of Christ CFWC-1500-AOC
Course Purpose:  Biblical counselors adhere to the clarion call for the sufficiency of Scripture for the biblical counseling enterprise. This course complements that call with the call to the finished work of Christ as the foundation for biblical counseling. When you complete this course, you will be able to explain and defend finished work of Christ and the implications of his work for biblical counseling.
Counseling the Victim of Abortion: CVA-1500-AOC

Course Purpose: The core purpose of this course is to give the counselor a place to start when faced with the prospect of counseling women who have experienced sexually based trauma, and to provide the counselor with a road map to reach the heart of these women, thereby avoiding the most common complaint of counselors in such situation…the sense of being overwhelmed and frustrated.


Therefore, this course is to help the student (regardless of their counseling skill level), learn insights into counseling the woman traumatized by abortion and/or different forms of abuse, including sexual abuse. To present the student with a proven Biblical model for reaching the woman with seemingly irresolvable, multiple emotional concerns. To help the counselor unravel the complex layers of emotional damage caused by an abortion in a woman’s past. To equip the student with practical tools that can be implemented in counseling sessions for the woman with multiple issues, as a result of her abortion experience.

Crisis Counseling: Analysis and Application CCAA-1500-AOC + Crisis Counseling CC-501, Advanced Crisis Counseling CC-702

Course Purpose:  The intent of this course is to equip the student both personally and professional to think biblically with respect to responding crises and counseling others in crises.

Developing Pastoral Skills DPS-1500-AOC

Course Purpose:  The content of this online course will focus on introducing the student to the basic elements of pastoral responsibility and to providing the foundation for more advanced study in theory and technique of church ministry. Consistent with this goal, this course seeks to prepare students for high quality work in diverse ministry settings and with diverse populations. Throughout the course consideration will be given to both theological and practical points of view, and students will be encouraged to begin to develop a personally relevant model of integrated pastoral leadership.

Doctrine of Christ DCH-1500-AOC

Course Purpose:  The historicity, humanity, and deity of Jesus are not just a matter of curious interest for the believer. These tenets are the basis for the Christian faith. The goal of this course is to examine what Scripture has to say about Christ, especially His person and His work. These two items must be considered in connection. The value of His death, for example, is seen in Who He is. It is not enough just to know who He is. It is not enough just to know what He did. It is important to know Who He is in light of what He did. This adds depth of significance to both.

Essentials in Biblical Counseling EBC-1520-AOC + Fundamentals of Biblical Counseling I FB-201, Fundamentals of Biblical Counseling II FB-401, Advanced Essentials in Biblical Counseling I AE-501, Advanced Essentials in Biblical Counseling II AE-702

Course Purpose:  The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to the fundamentals of multidimensional biblical counseling. The student will have the opportunity to recognize, identify and recite these concepts.

Focus & Directives in Biblical Counseling DBC-1520-AOC + Topics in Biblical Counseling I TC-201, Topics in Biblical Counseling II TC-401, Focus in Biblical Counseling I FB-501, Advanced Biblical Directives for Pastors DP-701
Course Purpose: 
The purpose of this course is to help the student apply the more advanced truths of Matthew 7:5 by understanding the eternal truths upon which Biblical Counseling rests so that they are better equipped to take these truths to others; to build a practical foundation for the students to enable them to identify those issues in themselves which are germane to the work they do with others.

Historical Geography of the Holy Land HGHL-1500-AOC

Course Purpose:  The purpose of this course is to serve as a general survey to acquaint the student with the geography, culture, history, and peoples of the Holy Land. All of the sites important to the development of the Nation of Israel and the Ministry of Jesus are studied in context with special emphasis on the unique geography of the Holy Land.

Inspiration, Translation and Hermeneutics ITH-1500-AOC Evidences for Biblical Inspiration BI-201, Inspiration, Translation & Hermeneutics IH-401, Evidence for Biblical Inerrancy BI-501, Doctrine of Biblical Inspiration BI-701

Course Purpose:  To introduce and expose the student to the basic elements of biblical inspiration, translation and hermeneutics; to encourage the student to identify and describe some of the primary shortcomings in many modern English translations; to extend the student’s ability to exegete carefully and accurately any passage of Scripture the Lord may lead him or her to minister from, and to suggest certain helps to make the process more successful; to help the student to apply such knowledge to his or her current ministry.

Introduction to Critical Inquiry ICI-1500-AOC Introduction to Critical Inquiry CI-401

Course Purpose: This is an introductory course that deals with the general issues regarding critical inquiry (thinking), with an emphasis on the theory and practice of critical thinking within the context of a Christian world-view. Students will be informed on the fundamental issues related to the practice of critical inquiry, and exposed to  the reasons why such inquiry is essential to the discovery of truth.

Marriage and Family Counseling MFC-1500-AOC + Advanced Marriage and Family Counseling II MF-501, Preparing Couples for a Biblically Based Marriage BBM-701

Course Purpose:  To introduce the student to a biblical approach to Marriage and Family counseling so that the student will acquire the basic knowledge of the biblical conceptions of family roles and interpersonal relationships, and be able to trace the importance of these data and interpret them in terms of the counseling process. 


Mormonism: Historical, Theological & Evangelistic Survey MOR-1500-AOC

Course Purpose:  Cultured, refined, socially acceptable, educationally skilled, evangelistically engaged, and religiously committed -- these are descriptive of the Mormon faith. The looming question for the evangelical community is: Where does the Mormon religion fit? Is Mormonism another denomination within Christendom or is there another dynamic involved? This course explores answers to these questions historically and theologically with evangelistic application.

New Testament Theology NTH-1500-AOC + Introduction to New Testament Theology NTH-201, New Testament Theology NTH-401, Theology of the New Testament NTH-701

Course Purpose:  To expose the student to the study of New Testament theology; to enable the student to master issues related to New Testament theology, and to deepen the student understands of the distinctive theological character of individual New Testament writings and of the New Testament as a whole; to apply that knowledge in the student's ministry.

Old Testament Theology OTH-1500-AOC + Introduction to Old Testament Theology OTH-201, Old Testament Theology OTH-401, Theology of the Old Testament OTH-701

Course Purpose:  To expose the student to the study of Old Testament theology; to enable the student to master issues related to Old Testament theology, and to deepen the student understands of the distinctive theological character of individual Old Testament writings and of the Old Testament as a whole; to apply that knowledge in the student's ministry.

Personhood from a Biblical Perspective PFBP-1500-AOC

Course Purpose:  To direct the student to a Biblical foundation for understanding God’s idea for personal self-awareness. To lead the student through a Biblical assessment of the so-called “self-esteem” movement. To compare and analyze the prevailing secular attitude regarding self-esteem over against the Scriptural teachings related to these attitudes. To prepare the student to deal with the issue of self-esteem within a Biblical counseling regime.

Philosophy of Ministry PHM-1500-AOC

Course Purpose:  To introduce and expose the student to the study of Christian ministry as a calling and a life of service so that he/she acquires a basic and introductory knowledge of ministry, and is able to identify and describe the essential principles of Christian ministry in light of biblical data and a personal and professional stance.

Physiology of Aging in Biblical Perspective PABP-1500-AOC

Course Purpose: The intent of this course is to equip the student both personally and professional to think biblically regarding the physiology of aging and the implications for ministry.

Readings in the Intertestamental History of Israel RHI-1501-AOC

Course Purpose:  The purpose of this readings course is to expand the student's understanding of what is known as the "Intertestamental Period" of Biblical History, and how that period of about 400 years between the writing of Book of Malachi, and the birth of Jesus Christ influenced the Jewish world, and laid the foundation for the Christian era.

Spiritual Warfare SW-1500-AOC + Fundamentals of Spiritual Warfare SW-201, Spiritual Warfare SW-501, Advanced Spiritual Warfare ASW-701

Course Purpose:  The purpose of this online course is to assist the student to undertake a deeper and genuinely biblical study of spiritual warfare within the context of the Christian life so that they acquire an understanding regarding the nature of spiritual warfare, and identify and describe strategies for overcoming the enemy, and to develop the student’s ability to summarize the nature of spiritual warfare and evaluate various strategies for overcoming the enemy.

Systematic Theology I STH-1510-AOC + Introduction to Systematic Theology ST-401, Systematic Theology I ST-501, Advanced Systematic Theology I AST-701

Course Purpose:  This course presents the student with an opportunity to demonstrate comprehension and general mastery of the two initial  primary issues of Systematic Theology that form the basis of all the other tenants (the Prolegomena and Bibliology), and how these relate to the Bible as a foundational source.  This course will allow the student to document a mature understanding of the study of Christian doctrine within a coherent framework; will enable the student to identify and describe relevant key doctrinal issues; and also document that knowledge in the context of the student’s current ministry; and finally to allow the student to relate doctrinal truths to a coherent system of thought consistent with the student’s own faith tradition.

Systematic Theology II STH-1520-AOC Systematic Theology II ST-502, Advanced Systematic Theology II AST-702

Course Purpose:  This course presents the student with an opportunity to demonstrate comprehension, and general mastery of the primary divisions of Systematic Theology that form the basis of doctrine, and how these relate to the Bible as a foundational source. This course will allow the student to document an understanding of the study of Christian doctrine within a coherent framework; will enable the student to identify and describe key doctrinal issues.

Teaching the Tenets of Tithing to Others TTT-1500-AOC

Course Purpose:  The purpose of this course is to inform the recall of the Bible preacher or teacher concerning the Biblical tenets of stewardship through tithes and offerings.  The general and nonsectarian approach to the subject is designed to provide the advanced student of the Bible with a generic tool by which the subject may be taught to others.

The Book of Genesis BGN-1500-AOC + Genesis GN-401

Course Purpose:  To present and expose students to the study of the book of Genesis as a whole; to enable students to recognize and interpret individual characters; to evaluate biblical teaching about origins and to examine the initial periods in the unfolding of God's covenant of grace; to apply that knowledge in the students' ministry.

Restoring Biblical Purity in the Church  RBPC-1500-AOC

Course Purpose:  Since the beginning of social order, the kings of the earth have laughed (Psalm 2) and the heathen have raged (Psalm 46) at nations who relied upon God for law and order. America is no exception. Over 80 years ago radical leaders of the sexual revolution designed and implemented a plan to rid this country of its Biblical foundations; 52 Bible based laws that protected women, children and the institution of marriage were targeted and eliminated. The Church was one of the first institutions to be indoctrinated with this new field of human sexuality which was based on Alfred Kinsey’s fraudulent “scientific” studies. This course is meant to educate and encourage those in the Christian Church to wake up, restore what the chancre worm has eaten away and not be a part of the problem but part of the solution with the love of Jesus Christ.

The Book of Revelation BRV-1500-AOC +Survey of the Book of Revelation RV-101

Course Purpose:  This course on The Book of Revelation is designed to introduce the student to the basic structure, general content, and sweeping themes of the Book of Revelation.

The Book of Romans BRS-1500-AOC + Introduction to Romans RM-201

Course Purpose:  To lead the student to analyze carefully the theological themes of the book of Romans; to relate those teachings to the Pauline corpus and the overall context of Scripture; to examine the teachings of the book in light of the student’s own theological constructs.

The Laws of Universal Righteousness:  Natural Law, the Noahide and the Torah LUR-1500-AOC

Course Purpose:  The purpose of this course is to address the fundamental question of how it is that human beings understand the moral difference between right and wrong, and why that understanding  commands personal accountability.

Theology of Biblical Counseling TBC-1520-AOC + Introduction to Counseling Theology  I CT-2, Introduction to Counseling Theology II CT-401, Advanced Counseling Theology  I AT-501, Advanced Counseling Theology II AT-702

Course Purpose:  To present to the student to the broader scope of topics in the discipline of Systematic Theology and the relevance of these topics to the work of Biblical counseling.

Understanding Retirement: Planning and Processing: URPP-1500-AOC
Course Purpose:  The intent of this course is to equip the student both personally and professional to think biblically regarding the concept of retirement and the implications for personal choices and professional ministry.

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