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Withdrawal & Refuund Policy

Withdrawal - All withdrawal notices must be made in writing, and sent as postal letter, faxed letter or within the body of an email. The withdrawal date is confirmed upon receipt by the University. Send withdrawal notices to: MASTER'S, PO Box 5009, Evansville, Indiana, 47716-5009; by email to masters@mdivs.edu; by fax to (812) 471-0877. To telephone call (800) 933-145 or (812) 471-0611.

Discontinuance of lesson submissions or failure to make tuition payments does not constitute a statement of withdrawal.  Students who are experiencing study or financial difficulties should first seek consultation before making a final decision. The University provides several special options for student who need this service. A student's financial obligations to the University continue until receipt of an official request for withdrawal.
Refund of the Enrollment Fee - The $250 Enrollment Fee covers the cost of assessing the application, transcript analysis, interactions with the prospective student, and the presentation of an official program enrollment offer. It is not paid in advance. It is paid after such services have been rendered, and is therefore not refundable.
Refund of Tuition payments - Tuition is not paid in advance. The first tuition payment is made in the month following enrollment, and therefore after educational services to the student have begun.


Because the student is a consumer of educational services that the institution is continuously providing, the student's monthly tuition payments fund these services daily until such a time as the student either pays his or her tuition in full or officially withdraws according to the withdrawal policy.  The institution is dedicated to providing ongoing service during the period of the student's enrollment.
These services include (but are not necessarily limited to) academic advising, program-level course study guides, personal online program guide, qualified faculty support, bookstore services, dedicated telephone and email communication services, administrative services, program consultation, grade and transcript record keeping, secure data warehousing, secure international banking services for the payment of tuition and fees, official Web site services, regular information messages, and opportunities for external experiences and services.  
 It is the student's responsibility to take advantage of these services, and work toward program completion. Therefore, since no tuition is actually paid in advance of services rendered, there is no tuition refund.

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THE FINAL STEP OF ENROLLMENT IS THE PAYMENT OF THE $250 ENROLLMENT FEE. HOWEVER, THE AMOUNT MAY BE DIFFERENT DEPENDING ON YOUR ENROLLMENT OPTION.  YOUR ADMISSIONS ADVISOR WILL INFORM YOU OF THE EXACT AMOUNT REQUURED AT THIS TIME.   If you are uncertain about anything at this time, please contact your Admissions Advisor before proceeding.  To do so, use this email link:  masters@mdivs.edu.  You may also call toll-free: 1-800-933-1445 (in the USA or Canada), or the regular number: 1-812-471-0611.


NOTE:  It is the policy of this Institution to assist prospective students on the basis of a fair and impartial judgment based on the information provided to the Admissions Department at the time of application.  In some cases, official documentation of credits, advanced standing, non-college level training, and all other information may not be necessary at the time of application.  However, all students eventually admitted to a program based upon initial information will be on academic probation for a period of 90 days following registration, during which time official transcripts and all required documents must be received and validated by the office of the Registrar.  You may download forms for doing this.  Click the link to download the Transcript Request Form  the Personal Recommendation FormThe forms are in Adobe PDF format. 


If you do not already have the Adobe Reader, you may get download it Free online.  Click HERE.



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