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  • After your preliminary application is approved, you will receive a proposal of your coursework matrix showing exactly which courses are required for your certificate, diploma or degree, an exact detail of the cost of the program, and your options for grants and special financing possibilities.  This will be sent to you via email, and your Admissions Officer will contact you.
  • You may also telephone 1-800-933-1445 (1-812-471-0611), and ask that an Admissions Officer assist you with completing your Preliminary Application for Admission.

Preliminary Application Proposals are Considered Valid for 45 Days.

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NO FEES IS ARE REQUIRED AT THIS TIME:  A non-refundable $250 Enrollment Fee will be required only if you are accepted, and actually enroll as a student.  If you are applying under the Spouse Tuition Benefit the Enrollment Fee will be required for each spouse.



NOTE:  It is the policy of this Institution to admit students on the basis of a fair and impartial judgment based on the information provided to the Admissions Department at the time of application.  In some cases, official documentation of credits, advanced standing, non-college level training, and all other admissions information may not be necessary at the time of application.  However, all students admitted to a program based upon initial application information will be on academic probation for a period of 90 days following registration, during which time official transcripts and all required documents must be received and validated by the office of the Registrar.  You may download forms for doing this.  Click the link to download the Transcript Request Form  the Personal Recommendation Form.  The forms are in Adobe PDF format. 


If you do not already have the Adobe Reader, you may get download it Free online.  Click HERE.

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