Get More Information on How You Can Turn Your Past Education, and What You Already Know Into A Higher Degree of Biblical Knowledge!

Step One:  Request A FREE Personalized Evaluation.  No obligation on your part - just the best way to get the information you need. 

Step Two:  After Step 1 We Hope You are Ready to Enroll. This is when you move from considering to actually enrolling in your program!

Step Three:  After Step 2 You Are Ready to Activate!

This is when you activate your program, and begin your life-enriching investment!


According to a Nielsen study, the average adult spends [invests?] 73.57 hours each week listening to or watching a media device.

TV 35:26, Radio 13:01, Smartphone 11:36, PC 6:43, TV Connected Devices 4:09, Tablet 3:42. TOTAL TIME = 73:57 hours each week!


We can help you turn some of that time into a Kingdom investment!

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