Online Master of Arts Degree in Personalized Research Focus

The M.A. Personalized Research Focus:

  • Is self-paced;
  • Not structured in semesters, quarters or terms;
  • Can be completed 100% off-campus;
  • Uses email and easy file transfers to send coursework;
  • Also integrates voluntary small group learning options;
  • Is designed to allow the student to begin at any time of the year.


Program Curriculum (see course descriptions below):

Orientation MOR
Biblical Apologetics BA-501
Personalized Focus Research PRF-500*
Bible Mastery BM-501


Designed for:
the individual with a sufficient understanding of Biblical Theology and ministry related issues, but who desires to tailor their degree program around a specific ministry focus.

Ministry Training for:
Lay Ministers
Para Church Ministers
Christian Businessmen
Pastors and Staff


* The Personalized Research Focus component allows the student to concentrate in a ministry area of choice.  The student selects the degree focus, and is guided through relevant research and writing.


For example, a pastor serving in a community with high rates of poverty and crime, might elect to research related ministry challenges that would to help to broaden competency, and biblically oriented community leadership potential in those areas.


On the other hand, a student who may have developed an interest in a unique area of Theology, and desired to focus in that area would be provided with relevant research assistance and guidance.

Course Descriptions


Orientation OR-MA

The purpose of this course is to help ensure that the student will begin his or her study program at Master’s with the basic information needed to move successfully toward graduation.  For this reason, this course is mandatory of all new students.


Biblical Apologetics BA-501
The purpose of this course is to develop the student’s understanding of the requisite issues in the study of Apologetics; to enable the student to identify key terms and describe essential issues of Apologetics and to apply Apologetic methodology to contemporary challenges; to offer the student the opportunity to explore significant challenges to the Christian faith and apologetic responses to those challenges; to examine and analyze the competing truth claims of rival world views.


Personalized Focus Research PRF-500

This Personalized Research Focus course affords the master's level learner
research and writing opportunities in scholarly areas of personal interest
for practical application in ministry and career as guided by learning
specialists. Working with faculty members, the learner will explore and
critique the various theories in the chosen focus study area utilizing critical
thought in determining the value of the theory for personal utilization.


Bible Mastery BM-501
This course will provide the master’s level student with an opportunity to demonstrate a personal comprehension of the Bible as a continuum from the creation of the current heavens and earth to its recreation in perfection and righteousness.


Elective courses can be selected from either:

Master's Level Courses or Speciality Courses

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