Online Master of Arts Degree in Judeo-Christian Synergism

A Practical & Affordable Degree With A Focus on Israel & the Church


To provide individuals in the Christian community with logical and Biblically defensible reasons why the bond between the Old and New Testaments supports a rationale for Judeo-Christian synergism.


To empower leaders in the Christian community through the delivery of an academically appropriate distance education graduate degree focused on the Biblical/Hebraic foundations of the Christian Faith.


Master's has partnered with Bridges for Peace International, a world leader in building relationships between Christians and Jews.   This pioneering joint venture makes it possible to earn a totally unique graduate degree that includes  visiting and studying in Jerusalem, and throughout the land of Israel.  This is a "hands on" program!

SYNERGISM - syn-er-gism noun: interaction of discrete agencies, agents, or conditions such that the total effect is greater than the sum of the individual effects.


Christians and Jew alike too often misunderstand the deep bond that exists between God's irrevocable promises to Israel and the body of Christ.  The prophetic record of Scripture demonstrates a remarkable unity between God's promises to Israel, and His promises to the Church.


This turth is powerfully expressed by the Apostle Paul in his letter to the Galatians.  "In order that in Christ Jesus the blessing of Abraham might come to the Gentiles, so that we would receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.  Brethren, I speak in terms of human relations: even though it is only a man's covenant, yet it has been ratified, no one sets it aside or adds conditions" (Galatians 3:14-15 NASB).  When the truth is allowed to seek its own level, God's unchanging promises shine forth as light.  The courses in this unique degree program will highlight how the many proofs of God’s plan for both Israel and the Church are irrevocable.


Who Should Consider This Program?  Anyone with a desire to become an apologist for Judeo-Christian Synergism, especially pastors, Christian college faculty, administrators, evangelists, and other Christian leaders/laypersons who desire to become Biblically and academically competent to be involved in building helpful relationships between Christians and Jews.

Program Curriculum (see course descriptions below):


Online Orientation MOR
Historical Geography of the Holy Land HGH-1500
Israel and the Church IAC-1510
Church History During the Formative Years (A.D. 70-400) CH-507
Biblical Apologetics from a Rabbinical Perspective BA-507
Israel Study Tour Practicum ISP-1500 (Seven days minimum in Israel*)
Bible Mastery BM-501
Contemporary Readings (BFP Literature/Manuals) BFP-CR1500
BFP Institute for Israel Studies BFP-IIS1500 (Two weeks in Israel.)

*Preferred Israel Study Tours are those jointly sponsored by BFP & MISD.
However, other Israel tours may also be considered credit worthy.




Course Descriptions


Orientation OR-MA

The purpose of this course is to help ensure that the student will begin his or her study program at Master’s with the basic information needed to move successfully toward graduation.  For this reason, this course is mandatory of all new students.


Historical Geography in the Holy Land HGH-1500 - A Survey of the Holy Land: Geography, Archaeology, Architecture, and History.
The purpose of this course is to acquaint the student with the geography of the Holy Land.  All of the sites important to the development of the Nation of Israel and the Ministry of Jesus are studied in context with special emphasis on the unique geography of the Holy Land.


Israel and the Church IAC-1510
This course will exam several crucial topics related to the issue of Israel and the Church, including: The Jewish background of the writers of the New Testament; The Jewish background of the Messiah; The historical circumstances surrounding the separation of Jewish Messianic followers of Yeshua from the Gentile population of Christians; The subsequent theological development that led to a separation of Israel and the Church; Contemporary re-evaluation of this separation and its implications for a renewed relationship.


Church History During the Formative Years (A.D. 70-400) CH-507
Course Purpose:  The events that occurred between the destruction of the Second Temple and official recognition of Christianity by Rome are perhaps the most crucial events that have ever occurred for both modern Judaism and Christianity. If one wishes to build bridges between these two religions, one must have a grasp of whatever material can be gleaned from the historical record. Far too often the common assumptions on both sides are simply not historically accurate. A much more careful examination must be attempted.


Biblical Apologetics from a Rabbinical Perspective BA-507 - 3 Credits
Course Purpose:  Long before Christianity developed apologetic arguments, Judaism was involved in defending its own understanding of God, Man and the world. But while Christian apologetics typically presents philosophically oriented explanations like the cosmological argument for God’s existence, Jewish apologetics takes a decidedly different approach. Jewish apologetics is far more interested in how to live life under God’s sovereignty than it is in establishing reasons for believing that God exists. Jewish apologetics begins with a different set of presuppositions based not in the authority of reason but in the authority of revelation. In order to understand most of the biblical material concerned with God’s nature and will, it is important to recognize that the Bible does not share the same worldview as a Greek-based rational apologetic. Therefore, an examination of the methodology and objectives of Jewish rabbinic arguments is essential for the exegesis of the Jewish authors of the New Testament. Such an examination reveals the significant differences between our contemporary view of the defense of the faith and the view found in Scripture.


Israel Study Tour Practicum ISP-1500
The purpose of this Practicum is to provide the student with a formal opportunity to catalog and present for review, the experience of traveling throughout the Holy Land on an approved study tour.


Bible Mastery BM-501
This course will provide the master’s level student with an opportunity to demonstrate a personal comprehension of the Bible as a continuum from the creation of the current heavens and earth to its recreation in perfection and righteousness.


Contemporary Readings (BFP Literature/Manuals) BFP-CR1500
Course Purpose:  There are a variety of topics and issues that are integral to an understanding of God’s intended relationship between Jews and Christians and how history has effected that relationship. This course provides that foundation through various books and publications produced by BFP as well as other selected writings deemed essential reading by BFP instructors. Students will gain the background needed to be successful “bridge-builders” between the Jewish and Christian communities.   


BFP Institute for Israel Studies BFP-IIS1500 (Two weeks in Jerusalem.)
Course Purpose:   Understanding the current situation in Israel and connecting the modern state to the Israel of the Bible are made possible through this intense practicum by exposure to all levels of Israeli society. Students will gain an understanding of the connections between Israel and the church, as well as the complexities of modern interfaith relations.

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