Online Doctor of Ministry Degree

Practical, relevant, and Biblically focused in order to help church leaders to be better equipped to lead people to the Missing Piece in the puzzle of life.


"I am the way, the truth, and the life" Jn 14:6

A Different Kind of Doctor of Ministry That is Totally Practical, Relevant, and Flexible Throughout the Program.  This D.Min. is:

  • Self-paced (go fast, go slow, change pace as needed);
  • Not structured in semesters, quarters or terms;
  • Designed to be completed through the use of appropriate online technology such as email, and file transfers;
  • Designed to allow the student to begin at any time of the year;
  • Designed to allow the student to select the area of concentration;
  • Optional live online or on-site small group learning seminars.


The six core courses are designed to be relevant to the current issues that pastors and church leaders face every day in an increasingly secularized world culture.  The Research Focus represents a new and refreshing method of personalizing the area of concentration.




MOR Orientation - 2 credits

AST-701 Advanced Systematic Theology I - 3 credits

AST-702 Advanced Systematic Theology II - 3 credits

AAP-701 Application of Apologetics - 3 credits

CH-701 Biblical Requisites for Churches that Heal - 3 credits

ASW-701 Advanced Spiritual Warfare - 3 credits

PRF-700 Personalized Focus Research* - 15 credits

Total - 32 credits


* The Personalized Research Focus component allows the doctoral student to concentrate in a ministry area of choice.  The student selects the degree focus, and is guided through relevant research and writing.


For example, a pastor serving a racially and ethnically diverse community may sense a need to better understand the unique dynamics, challenges and opportunities presented in such an environment.  The D.Min. student will be assisted and guided toward an appropriate research model and acceptable learning outcome.


Another example may be that of a minister who has developed an interest in some area of Biblical or secular history, and the effects of that period of time on the church today.  Again, the D.Min. student will be assisted and guided toward an appropriate research model and acceptable learning outcome.


The core concept behind this unique approach is our belief that it is the individual, not the Divinity School, who knows the learning outcomes most needed to become an increasingly effective Biblical leader in a rapidly changing world.


Entrance Requirements: 


A Master of Divinity (M.Div.) or Master of Theology (M.Th.) degree or their academic equivalent from an acceptable institution (minimum of 66 credits), which included at least one of the following minimum Biblical language requirements:

  • 6 credits of Biblical Greek - or:
  • 3 credits of Biblical Greek and 3 credits of Biblical Hebrew 

Applicants lacking the minimum Biblical language requirements, but who otherwise meet the academic equivalent degree requirement, may satisfy the language requirements by adding either 12 credits of practical Biblical language study tool courses to their program:

  • Greek Word Studies for Pastors GWS-1500 (6 credits)
  • Hebrew Word Studies for Pastors HWS-1500 (6 credits)

    or 6 credits of academic level online interactive Greek courses:

  • Biblical Greek I GK-501 (3 credits)
  • Biblical Greek II GK-502 (3 credits)


Defining the academic equivalent of a Master of Divinity Degree:

  • A graduate level degree of not less than 66 credits in a Bible-related discipline.  Examples:  M.R.E., M.S.L, M.C.E., etc.
  • A combination of a graduate and doctoral degree in Bible-related disciplines.  Example:  M.Min., and a D.B.S., or a M.A., and D.P.Th.
  • Other less common Bible-related degree(s) may also be equivalent.


Investment Costs for the



Cost to Start - $250
Monthly Payment - $62.50  - no interest or carrying charges
Standard Program Tuition - $4,000 ($125 per credit)
Cost of Books - Discounted through our own online bookstore.


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*Costs may vary due to individual requirements or preferences.

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