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The Doctor of Arts (D.A.) degree is ideal for those who wish to earn a doctorate, but who have not completed original language studies at the graduate level, and who prefer to complete a doctorate degree without the stricter requirements of a traditional dissertation.


The D.A. program is:

  • Self-paced (go fast, go slow, change pace as needed);
  • Not structured in semesters, quarters or terms;
  • Designed to be completed through the use of appropriate online technology such as email, and file transfers;
  • Designed to allow the student to begin at any time of the year;
  • Designed to allow the student to select the area of concentration;
  • Optional live online or on-site small group learning seminars.


Entrance into the Doctor of Arts program requires an acceptable earned master's degree.  Relevant acceptable credits taken in a previous Bible related doctoral program may reduce the number of courses.


Doctor of Arts Degrees are offered in these concentrations:

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