Master of Arts Certificate in Disabilities Ministry


Learn how to effectively minister with love and respect to persons and families dealing with disabilities.



Dr. David W. Anderson, B.A., Gordon College; M.Ed., Temple University; Ed.D., University of North Dakota; Cert. Theological Studies, Bethel Seminary; D.B.S., Master's Intl. University of Divinity.


Dr. Anderson is Emeritus Professor of Special Education (1992-2007), Bethel University at St. Paul, MN.  While at Bethel University he served as Professor and Director of Graduate Programs in Special Education.  


Professor Anderson is an internationally recognized and a widely published author of books, articles and research papers in the areas of disability and special education.  David has extensive missionary teaching experience in Africa, Asia, Central and South America and Eastern Europe.  He is President of Crossing Bridges, Inc.

Master of Arts Certificate in Disabilities Ministry

All Courses Can be Completed Online

Four Courses

  • Orientation - 2 Credits
  • Theology of Disability: An Investigation TD-1500 - 3 Credits
  • Personhood from a Biblical Perspective PH-1502- 3 Credits
  • Ministering to Persons with Disabilities: MPD-1500 - 3 Credits
  • Role and Function of a Healthy, Healing Church HC-1500 - 3 Credits


Entrance Requirements


  • At least a bachelor's degree from an approved institution is rquired for entrance into the certificate program.
  • However, individual courses may be taken by nonmatriculated students not having earned a bachelor's degree.
  • Courses may also be selected as electives if approved within other degree programs.

Course Descriptions


Orientation OR-MA

The purpose of this course is to help ensure that the student will begin his or her study program at Master’s with the basic information needed to move successfully toward graduation.  For this reason, this course is mandatory of all new students.


Theology of Disability: An Investigation TD-1500
Course Purpose: This course explores the issue of disability from a biblical and theological perspective. The number of individuals in the world who are affected by disability is in excess of one billion. Adding to this the number of family members also impacted by having a family member who is disabled suggests that this is potentially the largest unreached people group in the world because of the failure of the church to extend the gospel to, and welcome these individuals. Yet even a quick read of the Gospels reveals that this is a people group of particular concern to Jesus. This course is designed to help church leaders gain a theological understanding of disability and God’s view of persons with disability.


Personhood from a Biblical Perspective PH-1502
Course Purpose: To direct the student to a Biblical foundation for understanding God’s idea for personal self-awareness.  To lead the student through a Biblical assessment of the so-called “self-esteem” movement.  To compare and analyze the prevailing secular attitude regarding self-esteem over against the Scriptural teachings related to these attitudes.  To prepare the student to deal with the issue of self-esteem within a Biblical counseling regime.


Ministering to Persons with Disabilities: MPD-1500
Course Purpose: The purpose of this course is to help people in ministry positions become more effective in ministering to and with individuals and families affected by disability. The needs of the individual and family resulting from the disability, family dynamics, and special issues related to outreach and inclusion in church life are considered from a biblical and pastoral care perspective.


Role and Function of a Healthy, Healing Church HC-1501
Course Purpose:  To explore the biblical and experiential components that go into developing and leading a local church that is healthy and offers hope and healing to the lost and hurting.  A church, just like a family, can be toxic and a hindrance to growth and development or it can be healthy and promote the development and growth of its members.  This course will explore the healthy as well as the toxic.

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