Online Doctor of Biblical Studies Degree in Biblical Counseling With A Focus on Sexual Addictions

The power of Biblical counseling can be summed up in seven words: "The unfolding of Your words gives light" (Psalm 119:130).  As never before in human history, our world needs light - the light of eternal truth.


Biblical counselors are trained to present the eternal truth of God's Word to individuals and families who are seeking to move past the false, shallow, and worthless advice of secular humanism.  Countless lives are being ruined by the wages of sin (Romans 6:23), and countless individuals are desperately seeking truth.


Jesus said of the Word of His Heavenly Father, "Thy Word is truth" (John 17:17).  He also said, "Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest" (Matthew 11:28).  So many in our broken culture need rest - a rest that can only be found in Christ.


Properly trained Biblical counselors are prepared to lead the broken to the truth, and in that truth experience life as God created us to live.


The Doctor of Biblical Studies in Biblical Counseling ​With A Focus On Sexual Addictions Counseling  is offered in cooperation with
Pure Life Ministries

The D.B.S. in Biblical Counseling:

  • Is self-paced;
  • Not structured in semesters, quarters or terms;
  • Can be completed 100% off-campus;
  • Uses email and easy file transfers to send coursework;
  • Also integrates voluntary small group learning options;
  • Is designed to allow the student to begin at any time of the year.


Program Curriculum:


Online Orientation MOR
Advanced Biblical Directionism Counseling II BD-702
Advanced Counseling Theology II AT-702
Advanced Essentials in Biblical Counseling II AE-702
Advanced Biblical Directives for Pastors DP-701
Understanding Sexual Addictions SA-1501
Understanding the Consequences of Sexual Sins upon the Marriage Covenant SA-1502
Understanding Pride as a Root of Habitual Sexual Sin SA-1503
Understanding the Importance of Repentance in the Biblical Process of Deliverance SA-1504
Readings in Biblical Counseling BCR-700
Practicum CP-1520









Biblical counseling courses and degrees approved by:
The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors
The International Association of Biblical Counselors

Entrance Requirements (one of the following):

  1. An acceptable master's degree of at least 30 hours in a Bible related discipline.
  2. Applicants holding an acceptable master's degree of at least 30 hours that is not in a Bible related discipline, may be considered for admission providing they meet one of the following:
    a.  Have earned an acceptable bachelor's degree in a Bible related discipline in addition to the unrelated master's degree.
    b.  Have served at least ten (10) years in a Christian ministry role such as pastor, teaching minister, missionary, Christian school teacher, chaplain, or a similar field of Christian service in addition to having earned an acceptable unrelated master's degree.


Investment Costs for the




Cost to Start - $250
Monthly Payment - $83.83  - no interest or carrying charges
Standard Program Tuition - $5,030 ($160 per credit)
Cost of Books - Discounted through our own online bookstore.
Biblical Counseling Practicum Mentoring Fee $200
Standard Graduation Fee - $250 - paid prior to graduation.


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*Costs may vary due to individual requirements or preferences.

SPECIAL NOTE:  If you live in the St. Louis Metro area, we encourage you to consider the evening class program offered at Gateway Biblical Counseling and Training Center.  Gateway is an educational partner with Master's.  Click HERE for more information.

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