Online Master of Arts Degree in Biblical Creation Apologetics


To provide individuals in the Christian community with logical and scientifically defensible evidences supporting Biblical creation through a Christ-centered, and Bible-based graduate school curriculum, via a distance education degree.


To empower leaders within the Christian community through the delivery of an academically appropriate graduate degree using current scientific discoveries, logic, and a sound Biblical understanding for the defense and confirmation of the Genesis record of creation.

The Biblical Creation Apologetics is made available through an academic partnership
of Master's Intl. University of Divinity &

ICR School of Biblical Apologetics.
The degree is issued by MIUD.

If you desire to earn a creation apologetics targeted graduate degree that is reasonably priced, power-packed, and designed to be completed totally online in about two to three years, then this is the program for you!


What are the entrance requirements?  Entrance into the M.A. in Biblical Creation Apologetics requires an acceptable bachelor's degree from an approved institution, and the resources necessary to access the Internet.


Which institution teaches what courses?  The Biblical and theological foundation courses are taken through MIUD, while the Creation Apologetics courses are taken through ICR-SOBA.  This unique graduate degree is offered in both the MIUD online format (which requires no more complicated technology than a computer with Internet access that can accommodate the use of speakers and a microphone), and the new ICR-SOBA online format that is equally accommodating.


Students enroll first with MIUD, and begin taking courses.  Following their initial enrollment with MIUD, students are provided instructions on how to enroll in the online courses taught by the faculty of the ICR-SOBA. 


It is possible to take courses simultaneously.  The degree may be earned in about two to three years, but students are given up to five years.  After all coursework is successfully completed, the degree is awarded by MIUD, and transcripts are provided by both MISD and ICR-SOBA. 


If you desire to earn a creation apologetics targeted graduate degree that is reasonably priced, power-packed, and designed to be completed totally online in about two to three years, then this is the program for you!


The M.A. in Biblical Creation Apologetics:

  • Is self-paced;
  • Not structured in semesters, quarters or terms;
  • Can be completed 100% off-campus;
  • Uses email and easy file transfers to send coursework;
  • Also integrates voluntary small group learning options;
  • Is designed to allow the student to begin at any time of the year.


Program Curriculum (see course descriptions below):


Orientation MOR
Biblical Inspiration Translation & Hermeneutics ITH-1510-OLS
Content & Chronology of the Old Testament OT-1501-OLS
Content & Chronology of the New Testament NT-1501-OLS
Biblical Apologetics BAP-1510-OLS
Systematic Theology I STH-1510-OLS
Systematic Theology II STH-1520-OLS
Bible Mastery BM-501 - 10 Credits
Biblical Truth and Worldview Conflicts APOL 701
Basic Studies in Biblical Beginnings APOL 702
Basic Apologetics of Heaven and Earth APOL 703
Basic Apologetics of Living Creatures APOL 704
Mankind’s Social Dynamics After Eden APOL 705




General Financial Information


The M.A. degree program cost is divided between MIUD and ICR-SOBA.  Initial enrollment is with MIUD.  The student begins by making the minimum tuition down payment to MIUD.  Following enrollment with MIUD, the student is free to decide when to enroll with ICR-SOBA and to begin taking the required courses.  At that time, the student will make program costs arrangements with ICR-SOBA.

Course Descriptions


Orientation OR-MA

The purpose of this course is to help ensure that the student will begin his or her study program at Master’s with the basic information needed to move successfully toward graduation.  For this reason, this course is mandatory of all new students.


Biblical Inspiration Translation & Hermeneutics  ITH-1510-OLS
Course Purpose: To introduce and expose the student to the basic elements of biblical inspiration, translation and hermeneutics; to encourage the student to identify and describe some of the primary shortcomings in many modern English translations; to extend the student’s ability to exegete carefully and accurately any passage of Scripture the Lord may lead him or her to minister from, and to suggest certain helps to make the process more successful; to help the student to apply such knowledge to his or her current ministry. 


Content & Chronology of  the Old Testament  OT-1500-OLS

Course Purpose: The purpose of this component is to provide the advanced student with an opportunity to present the Old Testament as a series of pictures which represent a continuous scene from the initial creation of the current heavens and earth to the return of the exiles to the Land of Israel. 


Content & Chronology of  the New Testament  NT-1500-OLS

Course Purpose: To present and expose the student to the study of the New Testament as a whole; to enable the student to recognize and interpret individual characters, the purpose and theme of each New Testament book and the relation of the Old Testament to the New Testament; to apply that knowledge in the student’s ministry and to lead the student to examine carefully the various interpretive options in New Testament studies.


Biblical Apologetics  BAP-1510-OLS

Course Purpose:  The purpose of this course is to develop the student’s understanding of the requisite issues in the study of Apologetics; to enable the student to identify key terms and describe essential issues of Apologetics and to apply Apologetic methodology to contemporary challenges; to offer the student the opportunity to explore significant challenges to the Christian faith and apologetic responses to those challenges.


Systematic Theology I  STH-1510-OLS

This advanced level course presents the student with the fundamental issues of Systematic Theology and how these relate to the Bible as a foundational source. 



Systematic Theology II  STH-1520-OLS

This advanced level course presents the student with specific issues of Systematic Theology as they relate to God and the creation.


Bible Mastery BM-501
This course will provide the master’s level student with an opportunity to demonstrate a personal comprehension of the Bible as a continuum from the creation of the current heavens and earth to its recreation in perfection and righteousness.


See the ICR online catalog for ICR course descriptions.

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