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Master's Graduate School provides an ideal opportunity to take ministry education to the next level.  The merging of traditional graduate school expectations with the benefits of technology creates a powerful learning environment.  In fact, ministers of the Word will discover that technology and truth coming together in our advanced degree programs will provide enough rich material for a lifetime of preaching and teaching.

If you are looking for a fresh touch of God on your ministry, we invite you to review the many programs of the Graduate School.  You may discover that such a touch is as close as your computer or smart device.


About Program Textbooks and Courses - Textbooks are carefully selected for both academic and theological appropriateness.  It's usually the theological appropriateness that concerns prospective students.  This is certainly understandable, especially in light of the fact that nearly eveyone considering enrolling in a program with Master's is already well versed in Bible and Theology, and many are actually advanced teachers and preachers of the Word of God.


So, it should be an encouragement to know that we use well respected textbooks and other learning resources that fit within the general middle of evangelical Biblical teaching and doctrine.  We do this because MIUD is a Christ-centered and Bible-based institution.  Our position on Bible doctrine and Biblical inerrancy sets the standard for our textbook and resource selection, as well as our course development.


In addition, MIUD is unique in that we encourage students to express opinions that may differ from the course teaching, providing that the course requirements are satisfactorily fulfilled, and objections are expressed within a Biblical framework.  This has been a source of blessing as is represented in the diverse backgrounds of our graduates.

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