Online Program Completion Methods and Time Required

You Pick the Method Best for You

  • Work at your own pace.
  • Work on just one course at a time, or more if you prefer.
  • Switch between methods any time.

METHOD # 1 - The Directed Study Method uses the Internet and email.


This option is a model of innovation and simplicity.  It's simple and straightforward, requiring only access to the Internet and basic computer skills.  Program orientation, a personalized Internet landing site, study guides, and student services are provided online.  


Throughout the program, students have access to the University staff and faculty via e-mail, and telephone.  You can study at your own pace, without the pressure of meeting unrealistic deadlines.


Completed course assignments are sent directly to the school through simple email attachments.  In addition, students have full access to Master's online digital library, and a full-service online bookstore.  Adequate study resources are just a click away!

METHOD # 2 - The Online Live Seminar Method allows you to meet with other student online.


If you have a busy schedule, and limited time for travel, then online live seminar courses may be the perfect option. 


Online live seminars can be used to substitute a regular Method #1 course, or in some cases, may even be the method used for an entire degree program.  Pre-seminar assignments are completed in 4 to 8 weeks, and the final phase of the course is finished live online.


If you possess basic computer skills and have access to the Internet, Online Live Seminars should be just right for you!



METHOD # 3 -  The On-site Seminar Method invites you to attend a group class.


Master's conducts regular On-site Seminars at our acadmic events center in Melboure, Florida, and Jerusalem, Israel.  These seminars may be used to substitute a Method #1 course. 


Typically, on-site seminars are held in two to four day events.  Pre-seminar assignments are completed, and the final course componet satisfied during the on-site seminar event.


Another benefit is that class size for most on-site seminars is between 15-20, allowing students and professors close interaction, and an ideal opportunity to form friendships that will last a lifetime!

METHOD # 4 -  The On Location Method invites you to attend Biblical Lands Study tours


Earn credits toward your degree program as you study on location where Biblical events actually happened.


While locations, and dates change from year-to-year, Master's offers both its own study tours, and other approved options through its partnership with Bridges for Peace with international headquarters in Jerusalem, Israel.


Biblical lands study tours are typically ten days to two weeks in length.  Students, family members, and guests are welcome to travel with us.




How Much Time Will it Take to Graduate?

Our program is designed for mature persons already involved in the business of everyday life.  With our program you study in the privacy of your home or office at any time of the day or night without the constraints of inconvenient class schedules.


You can enroll for an entire degree program, yet work on only one course at a time.  Most three-credit courses can be completed in 8 - 10 weeks, and you can manage your study time any way that is best for your schedule.  Using that formula, a thirty (30) credit program can be completed in less than two years without neglecting family or ministry responsibilities.


One of the best things about our system is that you can work as fast as you wish, or take the time you need.  No longer will you be caught in the slow lane waiting to complete a class that you could have finished much earlier.  On the other hand, you do not need to drop out of a class because of circumstances, or be forced to finish before you have absorbed the information.


What is the bottom line on method and time?  You can do it!


"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."  Philippians 4:13

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