REACH A HIGHER LEVEL by Completing a Cutting-Edge Competency Based Degree

The process of completing a competency based degree involves documentation of what has already been accomplished, what is currently being done, and validation of Biblical competency in the broader areas of Biblical ministry.  Progress is evaluated through a demonstration of the mastery of content and skills under the supervision of senior faculty. This is a true ministry degree!


There is No Required Timeline. You Study at Your Own Pace.

Designed for Church Pastors & Ministers Serving in Other Christian Organizations


Bachelor of Ministry

Master of Ministry

Doctor of Divinity

What is Competency Based Theological Education?*

"Competency-based theological education (CBTE) represents a paradigm shift in theological education. CBTE offers an innovative way for seminaries and learning networks to raise a new generation of proven leaders, trained in-context, in the knowledge, skills, and character traits they need to prosper in their callings."

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"Competency-based theological education (CBTE) is an educational model that emphasizes: (1) learning more than “seat time,” (2) the mastery of professionally-oriented competencies, (3) well-planned learning  activities or assessments (class-based or not, online or onsite) that students may complete at their own paces, and (4) a community of learning where regular and substantive interaction occurs between qualified faculty and students. CBTE programs may be course/credit-based or non-course/credit-based or both."

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"The key distinction between CBTE and traditional course-based programs is that CBTE programs award credit based on demonstrated competency, not completed courses. In course-based programs, students can receive a passing grade in every class without mastering key concepts or skills. This doesn’t happen in CBTE programs because competencies are assessed holistically and directly, rather than by proxy through exams, courses and papers."

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* Master's was an attending institution at the historic first International CBTE Conference.

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