Online Combined Bachelor & Master of Arts Degree

Q. & A. on how a bachelor's and  master's degree can be earned at the same time...

Q.  I thought you had to earn a bachelor's degree before you could apply for a master's degree.  Is that not correct?

A.  Yes, that is the regular track.


Q.  Then how can you earn both at the same time?

A.  The fast track method allows you to maximize previously earned credits from college, technical school, military, business, other training programs, and life-learning credit toward the bachelor's degree.


Q.  How many previous credits do I need to qualify?

A.  From all previous learning you need at least a combination of 100 credits.  That may seem like a lot, but you may actually have more.


Q.  If I qualify, can you give me a simple example of how it might work?

A.  If you have (for example)100 combined credits, you might complete as few as 22 credits for your bachelor's degree, and add your master's degree into the program.  So, if you enrolled in the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, you could earn both your bachelor's and master's degree for a total of 56 credits.  When you finished you would be awarded both degrees.  You can transfer in up to 111 credits toward the bachelor's degree portion of the combined degrees.


Q.  How can I know how many credits I have, and if they all qualify?

A.  Complete a request to GET FREE INFO, and a friendly admissions advisor will work with you to evaluate your previous learning credits.

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