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The School of

the Bible

  • Free Studies
  • Certificates
  • Diploma

The College of the Bible

  • Associate
  • Bachelor's
  • Combinations

The Graduate School of Divinity

  • Master's
  • Doctorates
  • 2nd Doctorate

The Theological Research Institute

  • Ph.D. Counseling
  • Ph.D. Bible
  • Ph.D. Theology

You Can Earn Credit for Participating in One of our Approved Biblical Study Tours

Master's University approved Israel Biblical Tours Master's University approved Israel Biblical Tours
Master's University approved Israel Biblical Tours Master's University approved Israel Biblical Tours
Master's computer based online ministry degree programs. Master's computer based online ministry degree programs.

Here's What You Can Expect from the Master's Way

  • Enough teaching and preaching material for a lifetime.
  • Your heart and mind opened to deeper truths in God's Word.
  • Self-discipline that will benefit your entire life
  • Leaning from faculty who know, love, and live the Word of God.
  • Fresh competency that will shine through as you counsel, preach, and teach.
  • Personal respect as a fellow Christian, and servant of the Master.
  • Adoption into an international family of Biblical scholars.
  • You will also be able to say "Were not our hearts burning within us while He was speaking to us on the road, while He was explaining the Scriptures to us" (Luke 24:32).

45 - The Average Age of Our Students

60% - Serve in Some Ministry Capacity

20 - Years Since High School or College


Do you enjoy reading the Bible and related subjects?  Would you like to improve or polish your writing skills so that you can better share your knowledge with others?  If so, you already have what it takes to complete any of our programs.  


All of our programs are online, and purposefully designed for the older, and more mature person.  You manage the time it takes for each course.  This University was designed with you in mind!

With our programs you study in the privacy of your home or office at any time without the constraints of inconvenient class schedules.


You can enroll for an entire degree program, yet work on only one course at a time.  Most three-credit courses can be completed in 8 - 10 weeks, and you can manage your study time any way that is best for your schedule. 


Using that formula, most  degree programs can be completed in less than two years without neglecting family, ministry responsibilities or ruining your budget.  



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