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Master's International University of Divinity operates as a religious institution of higher learning in accordance with the State of Indiana 1975 A.G. Opinion No. 22 exclusion of IC-20-1-19-1, and IC 21-18.5-6-2.5.


Master's is an accredited business, earning the highest Better Business Bureau rating since 2004.

About Recognized Accreditation


Recognized* accreditation is an important metric of institutional credibility.  However, it is not the only measure.  Our mission and purpose is the equipping and improvement of the ministry skills of individuals already serving, or who may desire to prepare to serve in Christian ministry.


*Only accrediting agencies approved by the United States Department 
of Education are considered recognized.  The policy of this University is to not be associated with an unrecognized accrediting agency.


The academic integrity of our programs is well documented in our history.  It is further reflected in our institutional recognitions and affiliations.  One of these affiliations includes a recognized* Biblical higher education accrediting agency. 


Since 2006, Master's has been an Affiliate Member of the Association for Biblical Higher Education, a United States Department of Education recognized* national accrediting agency. Affiliate Membership is not to be confused with accreditation, but it does make an important statement about institutional credibility.


"Affiliate status is available to credible institutions of biblical higher education that do not hold accreditation by a USDE- or CHEA-recognized accrediting agency. Affiliate members must affirm ABHE’s Tenets of Faith, be licensed (or exempted) by the appropriate state or provincial higher education authority, conform to disclosure restrictions relative to non-recognized accreditation, and be vouched for by an accredited ABHE Commission on Accreditation member institution. Affiliate status is not to be confused with accreditation or understood in any way so as to imply such. This affiliate relationship is only available to institutions within the scope of ABHE’s service, namely Canada, the United States and related territories."  Source:  ABHE.


We aim to assure that our admission policies, curriculum, and completion requirements are similar to those of other credible Christian institutions of higher learning; and that our policies and processes are open to public scrutiny, and outside peer review. 

Master's May Be an Ideal Option If...

  • You are already serving in Christian ministry, and desire to up-grade or improve your ministry education or credentials;
  • You are serving or desiring to serve through a church or ministry organization that does not require a degree from a specific type of institution;
  • If you are serving in a para-church ministry;
  • If you are serving in a personal independent ministry;
  • If you are serving in a lay ministry capacity, and wish to be better educated;
  • If you desire to use previously earned credits to complete an unfinished ministry degree;
  • If you desire to be better educated in a particular area of ministry.

DISCLAIMER: No school can guarantee credit or degree transferability.  All schools reserve the right to accept or decline credit or degree transfer (whether accredited or unaccredited). Additionally, owing to the unique nature of individual circumstances, prospective students should carefully consider whether a certificate or degree from Master's is best for them. While there are situations where only a degree from a traditionally accredited school will meet certain requirements (such as serving in the Chaplaincy of the U.S. Armed Forces, ordination in some denominations, and various institutional positions), in most other circumstances, a degree from a high quality institution such as Master's may serve just as well.

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