Why Hiring Our Graduates and Honoring Their Academic Accomplishment is Wise

Hiring a graduate of Master's International University of Divinity can be very wise. Hiring a graduate of Master's International University of Divinity can be very wise.

Church boards, missions agencies, denominational leaders and search committees charged with making decisions concerning the hiring, placement, reassignment or advancement of individuals in ministry must consider a wide range of issues and qualifications.  


One of the most important aspects of a person's qualifications for service is his or her educational accomplishments.  As an institution of higher learning, Master's International University of Divinity (MIUD) is obviously concerned with the importance and value of training for ministry service.


In order to assist those who may be charged with the responsibility of measuring the value of an MIUD graduate's educational qualifications, we trust the following information will be helpful.

Question - Are all graduates of MIUD equally qualified for ministry service?  The graduates of MIUD come from a wide and diverse background, each one possessing his or her own unique gifts for ministry service.  


Answer - Of course not.  In fact, education alone is not a qualification for ministry service. We firmly believe that the primary qualifications for ministry service are (in this order): a genuine born-again experience, the call of God upon one's life, complete surrender to holiness of heart and daily living, and educational preparation in the Word of God for initial and continuing service.

Question - What marks a graduate of MIUD as being unique?  


Answer - MIUD graduates are a different kind of Biblical scholar.

  • The average age of our graduates is forty-four.
  • About 60% of our graduates held an undergraduate degree prior to enrolling with MIUD.
  • About 60% served in ministry long before considering a degree program with us.
  • The average graduate of MIUD is a seasoned adult, and in most cases already a veteran of many years of Christian ministry.

Graduates of MIUD are not interested in further ministry education as a means for gaining respect or prestige.  They are interested in further ministry education as a means for greater service, and a deeper understanding of the Word of God.  In a world overpopulated with individuals seeking self-gain, our graduates are a clear reminder that selflessness is still the standard for God-called ministers.

Another thing that marks our graduates as being unique is the very nature of the program.  In order to graduate from MIUD, one must be a self-starter, strongly self-disciplined, personally determined, single-minded, willing to make personal sacrifices of time and financial resources, and not worried about what others may think.  


Students in an MIUD program get no credit for showing up in class and being a cooperative day-time student.  All course work must be completed through a guided distance education format.  This kind of format is well regarded as being among the most difficult methods of study.  Graduates of MIUD should be accepted as highly motivated, intelligent, well educated and dedicated servants of God.


Question -  Why do our graduates complete such an intellectually and spiritually challenging degree program totally through distance education, and do so while still maintaining the responsibilities of family and ministry?  


Answer -  Because they know that ministry education is a life-long endeavor; because distance education is the preferred way for most working adults; because they believe God is directing them to a deeper and more complete study of the Bible; because they have a profound sense of need to be competent students of the world's most important subject; and because they cannot be comfortable being average.


Finally, while it is true that no school can guarantee the personal integrity of all of its students, or give total assurance concerning the spiritual character of its alumni, we do feel justified in believing that anyone who graduates from Master's International University of Divinity has completed a ministry degree program worthy of full honor and respect.


"Render to all that is due them - honor to whom honor" (Romans 13:7).

Thoughts from A Graduate

Roger H. Nesbitt, D.P.Th., Bible School Director, New Brunswick, CA

I believe that the doctoral program that I did through Master's International University of Divinity has helped me grow spirituality and I appreciate the flexibility allowed. Having the D.P.Th. has provided a greater level of credibility for our program.

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