Registry Membership is Closed to New Members

Official members are listed below.

About Registry Membership


The scholars listed above are confirmed members of the Registry who have dedicated themselves to the task of acquiring specialized Biblical knowledge through course work, and the rigorous processes of earning certificates, diplomas and degrees.


While members have also taken courses, and earned certificates, diplomas or degrees from other high quality institutions, only courses or credentials completed through Master's are listed.  


Registry members possess the powerful and life-changing knowledge of subjects related to the Word of God, and are authorized  to use the official Specialist Seal for their level on all public and private documents.


Registry Membership is Closed

Original Membership Qualifications

  • Students of Master's International University of Divinity or Master's Theological Research Institute who  completed at least one course with an acceptable GPA.  The course(s) completed are listed as the student's area of specialty.

  • Graduates of Master's International University of Divinity, Master's Theological Research Institute, or Master's Theological Institute who earned a certificate, diploma, associate degree, bachelor's degree, master's degree or doctoral degree.  The certificate(s), diploma(s) or degree(s) completed are listed as the student's area of specialty.

  • Applicants must weer in good standing with Master's at the time of acceptance.

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