Testimonials by Recent Graduates

Our graduates come from around the world, and from all walks of life. Like most everyone, they have family and ministry responsibilities, but they also realize how important additional education is to their calling.  


They needed an affordable, ministry, and family-friendly program that could help them reach their education goal.  So, they made the decision, enrolled, and set their heads and hearts to work fulfilling the “study challenge” of II Timothy 2:15.


Now, they have earned the right to be recognized as a graduate of the world's most unique University of Divinity.  Their testimonial is also their invitiation to you to join them!

Dr. William R. Marchena
Warwick, New York



In the earlier years of my life, growing up as an atheist within the city of New York, ministry work was far from the radar scope. Later in life, after receiving the Lord, I was led to teach within my city school system.


While a member of a city church within the Bronx of N.Y.C, a hunger to know more about the Lord, and to deepen my relationship with Him developed. As a result, seminary school became of interest and choosing MIUD was simple as a pastor friend made it known to me.


There is no question that having obtained a doctorate from Masters has significantly improved my life. The teachings from Masters have become a solid foundation for the ministry work the Lord has ordained for me in the days ahead (Ephesians 2:10).


Hence, Masters has become an integral part of my family life, profession, and ministry; it has given me knowledge, and understanding I did not have prior. More importantly, it has helped me further understand the importance of Wisdom (Proverbs 4:7), and to make use of that knowledge more effectively for the Glory of the Lord.

Dr. Catherine M. Barshinger
York, Pennsylvania



I received my Doctor of Biblical Studies in Biblical Counseling in 2010. My education from Master's equipped me theologically and personally to minister God's Word to hurting and broken people. I learned from some of the best professors in the field of Biblical counseling. 


One of the reasons I enjoyed my years at Master's was the accessibility of the professors. Whenever I had a question or was struggling with understanding the material or needed encouragement to persevere I could call, and they would talk me through it. 


The major reason I enjoyed my educational experience was the Biblical focus of all the professors and staff. I could always count on them to point me to God's Word for answers. 


Today, I minister to 25-35 people weekly, and am privileged to see the Holy Spirit change lives.  I will always be grateful for the Biblical training I received from Master's. 

Dr. Jeff Klick
Shawnee, Kansas



Beginning in ministry as a young married man with children, opportunities for education were limited. While I had a strong background in the business world, my Biblical foundation was weak.  That is, until I found Master's.

Master's worked with me regarding my previous education and work experience, and helped me follow my dream of obtaining a Doctorate in Biblical Studies.

The courses offered in my program of study were thought provoking and enlightening on multiple fronts. I was being stretched from many sides, but the flexibility of Master's distance learning module fit perfectly into my ministerial career.

As a senior pastor of a growing church, devoting time to advance studies was both enjoyable and a challenge. Each course however, expanded my foundational base and helped me to both mature and deepen my leadership abilities. I firmly believe I am a much better speaker, pastor, and leader directly due to my time spent learning from the Master's professors.

I thank the administration, facility and the technology people involved in Master's International University of Divinity for the blessings in my life that I can tie directly back to my education experience.

Rev. Carlos F. Pereira
Fall River, Massachusetts



I am the senior pastor of the Evangelical Church in the city of Fall River, Massachusetts. Fall River has a great number of Portuguese speaking people and the Evangelical Church has reached out to these folks in their native language.

I am Portuguese, my parents immigrated to the United States in 1969, and joined the church that I now pastor. After serving in the United States Marine Corps, Jesus got a hold of this rebellious young man and changed his life. At the age of 32 God's calling was clear and my ministry training began.

After Bible College I got involved in different areas of ministry, but I reached a point that I wanted more, I wanted to grow more in knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures. I signed up for Masters International University of Divinity and began learning on a different level. The courses were deep but comprehensible.

The main thing that positively affected my ministry, is that I could use these courses while I was studying and growing, I was also able to teach and preach from the very same materials that I was learning from, and this tremendously affected my ability to communicate the Scriptures.

Dr. Janice D. Kalip
Spanaway, Washington



In my day to day interactions with people, I have the opportunity to share the Word of God and counsel the needy.  I consider it a wonderful blessing that my schooling through MIUD has had such a tremendous impact upon my knowledge and confidence level.


Had I not studied at MIUD under godly instructors and teachers, I do not believe I would have had the tools needed to start my personal ministry called Mothers Bread.  It is focused on helping mothers with children up to 18 with financial counseling and needed assistance.


Through Biblical counseling courses, MIUD has helped me learn how to speak to these mothers Biblically about God and his goodness, and to pray with and encourage these amazing mothers.

 Mr. Tom Tripp
Grand Forks, British Columbia



I sincerely thank each of you for the respective roles you've played in helping me to successfully complete my M.A. in Biblical Creation Apologetics.


I also thank the Lord for blessing me through Dr. Jim Petty and Mrs. Jean Trotter (both of whom have already graduated to glory), and the good people of ICR-SOBA, especially Dr. James Johnson and Mary Smith.

As I deliver seminars to churches and communities that point people to Scriptural truths and scientific evidences for a young earth/universe (without being ignorant or arrogant as Dr. Henry M. Morris so clearly states in his commentary on 1 Peter 3:15), I will never forget my role as an ambassador of Christ, and of MIUD & ICR-SOBA.

Dr. Donald R. Smith
New Bern, North Carolina



I want to take the time to thank you and your entire staff for making a dream of mine come true. I ‘ve always wanted to expand my knowledge of Theology, and my abilities by gaining a higher level of formal education in the things of God.


Master’s International University of Divinity has allowed my dream to come true. To be candid, I was somewhat reluctant to embark on such a task since I was working full time, and was tasked with many responsibilities within my conference, district, and church.


I served as a District Education Director in my district, and assistant editor for our conference newspaper. This didn’t even include my regular ministry duties within the church!  Even though I was somewhat unsure if I had the time and academic skill to complete a doctorate degree, I knew that God would be faithful to bring me through it all if I did the work, and kept much in prayer.


I must comment on the spirit of excellence that Dr. Frey and Dr. Frazier presented during the online instructional periods. It was the seminars that made the difference for me. They prompted me to not procrastinate and not fall short.


In addition, I was able to talk with my professors, and my peers. I felt just like I was sitting in the classroom.


Words are not adequate for me to describe how much my education at MIUD has helped me prefect my ministry, but it has done just that for me. I want to say Thank You for making possible such a great University of Divinity!

Mr. Issac Ntambo
Lusaka, Zambia



After many years as a devoted Lay Pastor, I came to a spiritual plateau, and it became evident that I needed formal Christian education in order for me to be effective and eventually ascend into full time ministry. I browsed many Bible Schools and nearly exhausted the web, when The Lord led me to Masters.

The academic benefits of studying at Masters are immense. I found the faculty highly knowledgeable, and actually interacting with a number of them has been greatly beneficial and assuring of the high quality education at Masters.

My exegetical abilities, to the glory of God, have greatly improved as evidenced by testimonies and demand for sermon copies. Learning with Masters has been a gem in my Christian Life, Ministry and Education. My relationship with Masters knows no end.

I have since had an unmatched spiritual and academic journey, culminating into a closer walk with God. The study tours and on site seminars were a source of never before spiritual invigoration and ministry vision renewal.

My wife and I have subsequently founded Jesus 24 Ministries, a work based on deeds of kindness. We have availed 10 acres of farmland for a School for Children with Autism, a vision that was renewed as a result of a visit to a school and rehabilitation centre for children bomb victims in Samaria.

Mrs. Samantha Nelson
Bedford, Iowa



My education at MIUD was extremely helpful in my ministry work. As the sole counselor for hundreds of clergy sexual abuse victims in the early days of The Hope of Survivors, my training at MIUD helped me feel better prepared to provide the support victims needed.

Not only that, my initial desire to attend classes through MIUD was prompted by the abuse I had suffered and my need to understand what the Bible, and God had to say about abuse.

Because of my education at MIUD, I was able to better fulfill my role as a counselor, publish a book (Reaching the Hurting: A Biblical Guide for Helping Abuse Victims), help others reconnect to a loving, compassionate and forgiving God, and encourage those who were interested in helping victims to check into MIUD to see if it would be a good fit for them.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn through MIUD. Due to personal circumstances and limited financial means, I would never have been able to pursue an education elsewhere, and I had no interest in being trained in humanistic psychology courses. To me, the Word of God is the foundation for truth and healing!

Mrs. Sandra K. Holden
Lakewood, Colorado



I found Master’s International University of Divinity in February 2003. I was staying the nights with my grandmother in hospice care and had just returned home. Clearly, the Lord had placed a new call on my heart! I completed my Bachelor of Biblical Studies in Pastoral Ministry degree in the fall of 2007 and walked at graduation in July 2008. Sharing this experience with my husband, one of our sons, and one of our grandsons was extraordinary.

There have been many more overnight and extended stays at hospitals and rehabs with older family members. I am an elder wife, daughter, mother, grandmother, sister, niece, and neighbor. I work from our home for my husband’s law firm and as a Professional Resume Writer.


Serving people as a Professional Resume Writer is a wonderful opportunity to bless them through prayerful and practical ministry, by helping them to prepare to seek employment opportunities by presenting their experience and skills in the best possible way.

At this writing in 2015, I have earned 18 credits toward my Master of Practical Theology degree. There continues to be disruption in my studies, but being a student at MIUD has given me deeper insight into the Lord and my relationship with Him. And, I have learned the value of building our home, as it reaches far beyond us, and profoundly into the future.

Dr. Alan J. Schrader
Cleveland, Ohio



It was March 2008 that I received my Doctor of Biblical Studies in Pastoral Ministry at Master's International University of Divinity. It has been a pure joy to sit under the teaching of the faculty at Master's.  I have had the privilege of being in full time pastoral ministry since 1987 and MIUD has helped prepare me for a life of service and dedication to our LORD JESUS CHRIST.


God has given me a love for the Church (The Body of Christ), and Master's International University of Divinity has been used to further equip me to serve and minister to HIS people.

Pastor Emil Van
Birmingham, United Kingdom



After earning my Associate of Biblical Studies degree with MIUD, I feel compelled to give a full recommendation for this excellent school. The program was challenging and stimulating. It exceeded my expectations.

The credentials that I received from MIUD have been a great blessing to my ministry. I received clearer and deeper understanding of Biblical truths that have equipped me to articulate God’s Word more effectively.

Through its demanding program, MIUD provided me with the opportunity to pursue additional Biblical studies under the guidance of their qualified faculty.

Mr. James Sprinkles
Clermont, Florida



Having accepted Christ in August 1967, I served in many lay capacities through the years with most of my training coming from personal studies. Through those many years of teaching and serving Christ in the local church, a gift of encouragement became evident in my life.


In 2000, I became aware of a training program that began to equip me in the process of using only Scripture to reach out to hurting Christians. This training by the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors began the journey that led me to Masters International University of Divinity.


Having only an Associates Degree in Electronics, I was excited to find a college that would accept my previous degree hours to apply toward my goals of graduating from college, along with my desire to gain a better understanding of Scripture.


My college studies helped me to grow in my personal faith and abilities to effectively exegete God’s Word while helping hurting people apply God’s principles to their lives. MIUD provided me with a greater knowledge of God’s Word along with the skills to use the Word in a more effective manner.


I completed my Bachelor of Ministry Degree, and went on to earn my Master of Christian Studies, both with a concentration in Biblical Counseling. I am grateful to have been led to MIUD, and the training they provided me. Being able to see God’s hand at work in troubled lives is a blessing that defies description.

Dr. Thomas C. Waugh
Dallas, Oregon



When I retired as a dentist in 2003, I had a vague notion that the Lord wanted me to get some education in Christian studies. I found Master's International University of Divinity online and was intrigued by the
quality of the faculty and the extensive array of classes that were offered.


Still, I was a little concerned the the school was not “accredited.” I contacted the school and received a prompt reply that allayed my fears in that area.  After a good deal of prayer and discussion with my wife, I opted to start a masters degree program in interdisciplinary studies. One of the courses that was included was Fundamentals of Biblical Counseling.


About this same time, my wife and I became involved in the premarital mentoring ministry at our church. As we became more involved in this ministry and more aware of how unprepared many couples are for marriage, I began to understand that the Lord's calling for me to advance my education was for this purpose.  I called the School and spoke to a guidance counselor. We changed my degree track to Master of Arts in Christian Studies in Biblical Counseling.

In January of this year, thanks in part to my experience both with earning a degree from Masters, and the experience that God has provided in speaking love and truth into numerous marriages, our church started a marriage mentoring ministry that has already borne fruit in that a number of couples who are looking for a richer, more fulfilling marriage experience have stepped forward and asked to be mentored.

Mrs. Tammy Honeycutt
Burlington, North Carolina



I graduated from the Master’s program in 2010 with a Bachelor of Practical Ministry Degree. I was able to achieve this degree while already involved in ministry.


My husband and I were in Kenya for 10 years, but in 2001 God made it clear to us that He wanted us to continue our ministry here in the states.

We established a boarding school for at risk young people, and combined our home for at risk youth with Piedmont Rescue Mission.  These missions include  a resident home for men, and a ministry to women in crisis pregnancy situations.


I am now working in the pregnancy service as a counselor, and I teach parenting and infant care classes for our moms, as well as oversee the food, and yearly fund raising banquet.

The help that I received from my studies at Master’s has been such a help to me as I serve the Lord in all the ministries of Piedmont Rescue Mission.


I am so grateful that this was available for me without having to leave my responsibilities at home as a mother of three girls, and as a very active helpmate to my husband, who is the Executive Director of Piedmont Rescue Mission, and the pastor of Grace Memorial Baptist Church.

Dr. Lowell Hardy
Smithfield, North Carolina



The theological education that I received at Master's International University of Divinity has helped my ministry in several ways. First, let me say that it was a distinct honor to graduate from my divinity school -  MIUD! The on-site graduation ceremony in itself was an unforgettable experience and a distinct honor.


Second, the Doctor of Practical Theology added much value to my credentials as a minister. In addition, I have been able to add the distinguished Master's Logo at the level 7 position to my ministry cards. That is an endorsement and assurance that I have completed a rigorous theological education.


Third, as a significant part of my ministry, a sound theological education is deemed necessary as confirmed by Scripture (2 Tim. 3: 16,17). The completion of my studies at Master's is not the end, but, I believe it affirms my steps have been ordered by the Lord for His service. As I go forward in the ministry, I believe more areas of service will be opened unto me.


Presently, I serve as an associate minister at Sanders Grove Baptist Church, Smithfield, NC. I'm also engaged as a field preacher for various churches in the surrounding area as the need arises.


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