Real Graduates and Real Ministers

They come from around the world, and from all walks of life.  Like most everyone, they have family and ministry responsibilities, but they also realize how important additional education is to their calling.  


Do you need an affordable, ministry, and family-friendly program that can help you reach your education goal?  If so, you too can  make the decision to enroll, and set your head and heart to work fulfilling the life-long study challenge of "study to show yourself approved" (II Tim. 2:15).

This is Ministry Education Designed for Ministers















We specialize in continuing and advanced ministry education programs for mature individuals. 
If you can see yourself fitting into this graduating class, we invite you to join them!

Thoughts From A Few Graduates

Rev. I. M. Densham, D.D., Arlesey, U.K.; Pastor, Droylsden Independent Church

I am grateful for the doctorate that I did with Master,s and even though I am now in my 70's, I am still going overseas to lecture as well as being the pastor of a church here in the U.K. In the providence of God I still have opportunities to help with the training of younger men for the ministry, and am so grateful for the qualifications gained over the years, including the doctorate from Masters International University of Divinity.

Daniel Billings, B.A., M.A., D.P.Th., Ellenton, FL; Pastor, Chaplain and Biblical Counselor

I have been with Masters almost since it's inception. I completed my bachelors, my Masters with certification from IABC, and my Doctorate of Practical Theology. Masters is an outstanding university, and it has been a tremendous blessing to be able to further my education and ministry effectiveness while holding full time ministry positions. I highly recommend MIUD to anyone considering a degree while continuing to work full time.  May God bless them in the years to come.

Margaret Wagner, M.A., D.A., Hilltop Lakes, TX; Assistant Pastor Hilltop Lakes Chapel

Master's has provided me a deeply spiritual and highly academic study of God's Word, and my Lord and Savior. The individual attention given students assured the student's understanding of those concepts taught. Most important is Master's adherence to the truth of God's Word and the inerrancy of His Word. As an assistant pastor, my knowledge of Biblical concepts is always of utmost importance. Master's course of study gave me a solid foundation for which I am extremely thankful. I am most grateful for the godly instructors who taught with excellence and with compassion.

Dr. Linda Swafford, B.Min., M.Min., Alvin, TX; Dean, Professor, and Biblical Counselor

The Lord called me to counsel with God’s word in 1980. I started reading anything and everything I could that Dr. Jay Adams published. In 2000 I entered MIUD. I was looking for a sound Bible teaching University that was uncontaminated by the worldly pressures to teach error. MIUD was that University and still is that University. They also used Dr. Jay Adams books, which was what I had been looking for as well. I have been a Biblical Counselor since 2000 and in 2018, my husband and I started a small college to teach the truth of God’s word.  I also volunteer with an online group that answers Biblical questions from all over the world. Nowhere in God’s word does it say we are to retire from working for the Lord. MIUD is the top University today, you will not go astray with the sound teaching you will obtain at MIUD.

Nimrod P. Gabilo, D.P.Th., Calaca Batangas, Philippines; Church Planter & Missionary Pastor

My Bible education in this institution has served a real blessing in my teaching ministry in the Bible schools and in the pastorate. The curriculum subjects are very much helpful and useful in Christian ministries throughout many years in God's vineyard. I commend this Master's International University of Divinity for its excellence for God's glory.

Rev. Jay Christianson, M.A. Judeo Christian Synergism, Burnsville, MN; Senior Pastor

I have greatly enjoyed my experience with Master's International University of Divinity. Not only did I receive excellent instruction from solid, reliable, and well-vetted sources (both instructors and texts), it was at a price and pace that I could handle as a pastor in a local congregation. I HIGHLY recommend MIUD for the pastor or lay person who wants to expand their knowledge of the Bible and ministry skills to know Jesus, and serve Him more effectively!

Issac Ntambo, Zambia

After many years as a devoted Lay Pastor, I came to a spiritual plateau, and it became evident that I needed formal Christian education in order for me to be effective and eventually ascend into full time ministry. I browsed many Bible Schools and nearly exhausted the web, when The Lord led me to Masters.  The academic benefits of studying at MIUD are immense. I found the faculty highly knowledgeable, and interacting with a number of them has been greatly beneficial and assuring of the high quality education at Masters.

Rev. David Woodfield, Th.D., Birminghal, U.K.; Retired

I enjoyed the study very much, and found that it it gathered my overall theological beliefs into a systematic and concentrated format. I have been able to develop a more formal understanding of systematic theology as a result of this study which is available from Master's International University of Divinity via the internet.

Janice Kalip, D.B.S., D.P.Th., Spanaway, WA; CEO, Mothers Bread Ministry

Acquiring my ministry degrees from MIUD was, and is, a God-send. It was a complete set-up by God Himself. I believed it was me who was in search of a ministry school, but God specifically led me to MIUD. The level of education I received from this University was second to none, and MIUD placed me in the position to start my own ministry, which God put in my spirit to do after completing my studies. Furthermore, I am very comfortable sharing God's truth with my clients, and with anyone who may want to question me about our amazing God. I have also directed a few friends to MIUD, and they all feel as do I that it is a wonderful ministry institution from which to acquire higher Biblical learning.

Richard Reed, D.P.Th. Chaplain and Bible Teacher

MIUD provides a fantastic opportunity for those who are in the secular workplace or full time ministry to take quality courses, and add immeasurably to your ability to minister effectively. The beauty is that not only is there excellent content but it can be accomplished online, and is reasonably priced.


 I have served as a Biblical counselor for many years thanks in part to my education at Masters.  So, if you are looking for such an opportunity, you may have just found it!

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