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Q.1    When Noah was born, how long had Adam been dead?

A.  Adam was still alive when Noah was born.
B.   Adam had been dead 1,921 years.
C.  Adam had been dead 126 years.
D.  Adam had been dead 824 years.


Q.2    Who was the first Old Testament Patriarch to go to Egypt because of a famine in his own land?
A.  Joseph
B.  Jacob
C.  Abram
D.  Isaac


Q.3    As God parted the Red Sea for the Israelites, what did Moses hold out over the water?
A.  His cloak
B.   His hand
C.  His staff
D.  His sword


Q.4    Who was the first person to rule as a king over the Israelites?
A.  Samuel
B.   Saul
C.  David
D.  Abimelech


Q.5    When the giant from Gath (as recorded in II Samuel) defied the Armies of Israel, he was killed by whom?
A.  Jonathan
B.   David
C.  Saul
D.  Joab


Q.6    There were how many generations from Abraham to the birth of Jesus?
A.  120
B.    36
C.   67
 D.  42


Q.7.    After Jesus' resurrection, He performed another fishing miracle.  How many fish were in the net?
A.  153
B.  The Scripture records that the fish were large, but the actual number is not given.
C.  Thousands of small fish.
D.  Two small fish, but Jesus broke these and fed the multitude.


Q.8.    After Phillip baptized the Ethiopian, he went to preach in Azotus.  How did he get to Azotus?
A.  He sailed with Barnabas and Mark on a Roman merchant ship.
B.  He was teleported by the Holy Spirit.
C.  He must have walked, since he went through Antioch on the way.
D.  The Ethiopian insisted on taking Phillips to Azotus in his chariot.


Q.9    Just prior to Saul's conversion, he was traveling the road to Damascus.  Which statement is true?
A.  He heard a loud voice and fell from his horse as if he were dead.
B.  He saw Jesus standing in front of him asking why he was persecuting the Christians.
C.  He and his companions saw a great flash of light and fell from their horses in terror.
D.  He fell to the ground after a great flash of light.


Q.10    According to the Book of Revelation, the temple in the new heaven will be made of  what materials?
A.  Gold, silver and precious jewels.
B.  Nothing, since there will be no temple.
C.  The walls will be made of jasper, and the foundation made of pearl.
D.  It will be made of gold as pure as crystal.


Okay - How did you do?


Of course, whether you scored ten out of ten or something less, the fact is, no one actually knows or remembers everything about the Scripture.  Even the most able scholars tend to forget things previously studied if not regularly refreshed.  This is only one of the reasons why continuing theological education is so important.


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