Previous Learning Can Shorten the Distance to Your Goal



All credits, certificates, diplomas, and degrees earned through other institutions will be respectfully reviewed.  Recognition is likely, providing the institution followed appropriate academic guidelines, and the transfer is relevant to the program into which application is being made.

In some cases, if full transfer is not allowed, it may be possible to grant limited recognition.  When this option is permitted, it provides an opportunity for the applicant to receive partial credit for work done at a less academically rigorous institution to reduce some of the requirements in a program at Master's.  


Examples of other institutions:

  • Bible Institutes & Colleges
  • Divinity Schools & Seminaries
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Trade & Business Schools
  • Military, Police, Fire, and First Responder Programs
  • Other formal training programs

*As with all academic institutions, Master's reserves the right to accept or decline credits, certificates, diplomas, and degrees earned at other institutions.

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