Credit for Life-Learning

A Key to Earning Your Undergraduate Degree

One of the distinguishing marks of the graduates of Master's International University of Divinity is that they possess a "useful and well rounded" education.  Consequently, we encourage the recognition of knowledge that has been gained from a wide variety of learning experiences.  These may include such things as military training, civilian labor force training in the trades and business, as well as technical schools, specialized church and missions training programs, or the hard won lessons that come through working in church related fields of service. 


Such learning helps to build character, encourage self-discipline, and promote personal maturity.  This does not mean that all prior learning can be granted recognition. However, it does mean that through a careful assessment of your entire life's learning, placement in the program of your choice may be more reasonably assured.


A typical Master's International University of Divinity undergraduate student usually applies using a combination of college credits, military school credits, advanced standing for ministry experience, and certificates from different training programs in business and church-related seminars.  Our Prior Learning Portfolio system provides the student a step-by-step guide for documenting up to 30 credits in six learning areas.  These are:



General Bible Knowledge of the Old Testament 5
General Bible Knowledge of the New Testament 5
Basic Communication (i.e. speaking, and writing) 5
Basic teaching (i.e. lesson preparation, teaching, leading) 5
Basic Business (i.e. math, English, Computer, data entry, record keeping systems) 5
Basic Health (i.e. physical, mental, spiritual, recreation, nutrition) 5
After documentation, and approval, total points awarded may be as many as: 30

Credit for Life-Learning Can be Applied to These Programs

* Recognizing Credit for Life-learning that has been documented through an academically appropriate "Life-learning Portfolio" assessment tool is a widely accepted practice among all colleges and universities.  Typically, such credit is applied at the undergraduate level only.  This our policy.

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