Admissions Policy

We are an open admission Divinity School.   This means that you can enroll at any time of the year without regard to semesters.


We are also an  International School of Divinity.  We encourage applications from prospective students who live outside of the United States.  Please note: 

  • Because all of our programs are in English, prospective students must demonstrate acceptable English language skills prior to enrollment.  
  • Prospective students must have adequate study resources (access to email, the internet, and postal support).  
  • Since we bring the Divinity School to the student online, we do not participate in the U.S. I-20 student visa program.


Entrance requirements are specific for each program.  For example:  To be accepted into master's degree program a bachelor's degree is required.  Application for an undergraduate program by persons not having previously earned college credits will involve a review in order to assure placement in the most appropriate program.  A high school diploma, GED or validation of comparable qualification is acceptable.


The application process is uncomplicated.   An Admissions Officer will help guide you through the process of data gathering, program choice, and financial considerations.


We are a University for mature adults.  Most of our students have already been serving in Christian ministry for many years.  All of our programs are designed for people who must balance the desire for further education with the demands of a busy life.

Aaron A. Woodward, III, M.Min., D.D.

The knowledge I gained at Master's International University of Divinity was anointed, blessed, and designed to increase the Kingdom of Heaven.


Our University's determination to teach the Word, line by line, precept by precept, is critical to the mission of sharing Christ with humanity.


An outstanding administration, staff, and faculty, as well as the curriculum are priceless. The palpable love of God permeates my University. I utilize my experience at Master's daily, and I recommend the University without reservation.  Thank you Master's.  

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