Master's International University of Divinity Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary Year Master's International University of Divinity Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary Year

Online Biblical Ministry Education Programs

Founded in 1999, Master's is a unique University of Divinity with a transdenominational and international reach.  Through four distinct schools, we provide a wide range of Biblical ministry study programs.  


Our programs are designed to strengthen and expand the mental and spiritual tools of those who are currently serving in Christian ministry, or who wish to prepare to enter vocational or volunteer ministry.  

Our Mission and Purpose

Our Mission Is: 

  • To provide online Biblical ministry education programs to individuals whom God has called into His service;
  • To keep such programs on the cutting edge of technology;
  • To deliver such programs in a way that compliments the opportunity to continue serving in the ministry in which they are called by God. 


Our Purpose Is:

  • To promote, through Biblically faithful education the servant culture of Christian ministry;
  • To provide the God-called individual innovative, and practical ministry education programs that enhance his or her skills as a worker in their field of service;
  • To promote Biblical education as a means for more effective service rather than a means of obtaining position or advantage.

Richard J. Laplante, Master of Ministry

There are many reasons why a person might want to further their studies. My reason, and why I chose Master's, was to help me to grow more in my personal faith and walk with God, and to better equip myself in the ministry role I hold. MIUD provided me with a greater knowledge of God’s Word along with Godly role models exemplified within their faculty.


With advances in technology, MIUD has leveraged these benefits in order to provide students the flexibility with both online and on-site courses/classes. This allowed me, over several years, to complete a Masters degree. I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to advance my personal development to serve in the Lord's Kingdom.

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