Bible College, Seminary, and Divinity School All Rolled Into One Online Christian University!

Master's is a unique University of Divinity with a transdenominational and international reach.  Through five distinct schools, we provide a wide range of ministerial study programs.  All of our programs are purposefully designed to be age-friendly, especially for older adults.  Our use of technology makes it possible to learn from anywhere in the world.





Master's is an educational entity of Christian Education Enterprises, Inc. (CEE, Inc.).  Founded in 1979, CEE, Inc. has been a leading provider of Biblical study programs.  As an early pioneer in online study programs, CEE, Inc. launched the Master's Touch Self-study Library in 1996. The goal was to create a totally Internet delivered program providing affordable theological education courses to students around the world.


In March of 1999, as a result of the success of the Master's Touch Self-study Library, Master's Divinity School and Master's Graduate School of Divinity were officially organized.  Master's was the first fully free-standing Internet-only theological school in America to be organized under the title "Divinity School."


By 2005, Master's was providing academic programs to students in most world areas.  In September of 2006, in order to keep pace with the changing nature of theological distance education around the world, the institution was renamed as Master's International School of Divinity. Since our founding, we have enrolled students from around the world, and most denominational backgrounds.


Beginning January 2016, Master's became the second School of Divinity to officially incorporate within its name the term "University of Divinity." The first was the Melbourne College of Divinity (Melbourne, Australia) which changed its name to University of Divinity in 2012.


Why the Change?  Replacing the word "School" with the word "University" more accurately reflects the development, and current character of the institution. With five distinct "schools," Master's has become more of a "Schools (plural) of Divinity," rather than a "School (singular) of Divinity." Therefore, the word "University" is a more accurate descriptor.


The modified name reflects the mission and purpose of the five schools of the institution - namely, the Theological Institute, the School of the Bible, the College of the Bible, the Graduate School of Divinity, and the Theological Research Institute.  


Master's remains unalterably committed to its historic mission and purpose. That is, to provide Biblical Theological distance education programs to men and women serving or preparing to serve in Christian ministry anywhere in the world.


We understand the financial realities of today's economy.  That's why we made our programs as affordable aspossible, but without sacrificing academic quality.  Our tuition payment options allow you to budget the cost of your program.


All of our programs are designed for working adults.  You can elect to study independently,  join a small group of students online, or attend a short residency event.  You can even mix and match.  The choices are all your own.


Our faculty are actual ministers.  They have pastored churches, directed missions agencies, and led ministry organizations.  This is why our courses emphasize the real-life application of Biblical education.  What you learn you apply as you are learning.

  • All of our programs are self-paced;
  • Not structured in semesters, quarters or terms;
  • Completed off-campus;
  • Use ordinary online technology such as email and file transfers;
  • Integrate optional small group learning online or on-site;
  • Are designed to allow students to begin at any time of the year.

Study Options include on site coursess,
online courses, and courses taught
on location in the Biblical lands.

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